1. V

    TP-Link W8968 vs W8901N

    I want to know difference between: TP-Link TD-W8968 N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Router and TP-Link TD-W8901N 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router as there is a price difference of 450 on amazon. I have BSNL 8mbps broadband. As of now i'm using bsnl modem on rent which i want to save on by...
  2. rickenjus

    BSNL to introduce highly competitive fiber broadband plans in Hyderabad

    BSNL has introduced promotional FTTH Broadband plans ‘Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS34 ’ and ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35’ exclusively for Hyderabad telecom District of Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle. The new promotional broadband plans will be available for a period of 90 days from 21st December 2015...
  3. S

    BSNL BB went slow suddenly.. Help needed

    I ma using BSNL BB 1450 Plan for last 2 months. Using TP Link W8968 I was getting good , stable speed. always above 100 KBps. Download speed was 100-120 KBps For last two days download speed and browsing speed went super slow... I am getting 25 KBps and slower . Sometime no activity. Tried with...
  4. dissel

    Any BSNL 3G User here...How to check 3G Data Balance Since BSNL system Upgrade ?

    As title suggest, This November (5-6th) BSNL upgrade their Recharge system and the USSD code *123*10# not working anymore to check Data Balance. Before posting here in this thread I Googled but all return the OLD code.... If anyone figured please reply here . Thanks in advance. - - -...
  5. V

    Unstable BSNL broadband in Mangalore

    I'm using 1091 plan in Mangalore, Karnataka with 8 mbps speed upto 60 GB. I get a speed of 6 mbps mostly. The DSL link is very unstable and there are frequent disconnections all day long at the most appropriate times :-x SNR margin (downstream) is mostly less than 9 and goes upto max 17...
  6. ranjitsd

    Quit bsnl movement

    I'm tired of bsnl and thier lies. They advertised about mininium 2mbps allover over india, they didn't mention 1gb only. Its time to quit bsnl and move on. Changing my internet connection within 2 weeks. Please post your new connection speed test and bsnl speed:-x:-x test. Lets teach BSNL a...
  7. Ricky

    BSNL RTI campaign - its public ltd. company and we need to fix it

    Hello Guys, I am not sure if we really need this kind of thread here or if it even makes sense. However, it is for sure that it is because us ie. the Citizens of this country that we see wastage of public money always. If you are BSNL BB subscriber then you must be following post like this ...
  8. S

    Is it possible to share PC files in wireless network through ADSL Modem+WiFi ?

    If I use a modem like "TP-Link TD-W8901N" to connect my BSNL broadband connection , can I access internet and my PC's files at the same time in the WiFi network of that modem ? Is it possible ? How ? any links ?
  9. S

    Should I get new BSNL broadband or stick with MTS ?

    Hi , I am using MTS' 999 plan now. I am from Kerala. Which gives 40 GB usage. 15 GB day and 25 GB night. This plan is not listed in their site because I got it after a fight with them. The problem is , upto 5 GB I am getting 200-300 KBps speed. after that I get around 100-120 KBps...
  10. sygeek

    BSNL Broadband to offer minimum Internet Speed as '2Mbps'

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, so I created a thread. Source Whats the catch you say? FUP of course! And that too a very generous 6GB! We can clearly see how much ahead of time BSNL is. /s I've always said this and will say it again, BSNL is a joke in this country and will always be...
  11. R

    BSNL Broadband speed, Help required

    Hi, I am from India, this question is for Indian users as BSNL is basically Indian ISP. I was thinking of getting a new BSNL Broadband connection to my home, as i have no experience with BSNL services I don't know how the speeds will be, I am opting for 8Mbps (mbits) plan. 1. I leave in...
  12. R

    BSNL Broadband- FUP Speed even after FUP?? help!!

    I am using bsnl broadband(adsl) plan BBG ULD 795 (Upto 2 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB). Once I got the full speed even after the FUP usage for a full month, then I changed the DNS and It was gone :( do anyone had similar experiences or knowledge to hack the trick?? please help.
  13. V

    Need a new wifi modem for Bsnl BB

    I need a new wifi modem for taking new bsnl BB connection. Wat would be the best choice??
  14. webdesigncut

    Anyone have experience setting up cactusvpn with bsnl broadband on win 7 ultimate

    hello friends, I am thinking of using cactusvpn and use it with bsnl broadband but i am newbie in using vpn so i want to know if any one has any experience in using thirdparty vpn with bsnl broadband? i would be grateful if anyone can share step by step method ..
  15. amjath

    Need very urgent help on network activity

    Guys, What is my pc is downloading from BSNL server need help - - - Updated - - - Faun, sam, krishnandu.sarkar, @whitestar777, Anorion - - - Updated - - - ariftwister, ASHISH65 very strange activity so thats y hurry - - - Updated - - - SaiyanGoku hope you could...
  16. A

    tp link modem td w 8968 malfunction

    modem was working fine but now doesnt connect with my lappie on wi fi but does with all my mobiles.wi fi works well with this lappie with my bsnl link on WPA 2 personel secure mode with enable WPS disabled Wireless -- Security This page allows you to configure security features of...
  17. sling-shot

    BSNL hijacking internet again?!

    Yesterday at around 12pm or today morning 00am I was just browsing on my mobile Firefox. There were at least 5 - 6 tabs were open hence I had not seen the last few tabs. After reading the early tabs when I arrived at the last 2 I noticed that they were actually addressed and...
  18. Rockstar11

    BSNL Why not for other circle??

    BSNL plan for Hyderabad BBG Combo ULD 611 offer unlimited broadband at 4Mbps up to 40GB and 1Mbps after crossing 40GB. The plan come at a monthly fixed charge of Rs 611 including 25 free calls to BSNL network without any fixed charge for telephone. and we are paying 675rs for 512 Kbps...
  19. rickenjus

    BSNL launches new unlimited broadband plan for Hyderabad. Introduces 1GB email account

    Source - BSNL launches new unlimited broadband plan for Hyderabad. Introduces 1GB email account Why don't BSNL bring such good plans to others states, would jump on 995 plan, without a second thought, if they do. Fed up with BSNL's 750 plan offering shitty .5 mbps speed.
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