1. B

    Use another computer's VPN connected to same network.

    I'll try to be as simple as possible: In my office, we have a 2 mpbs BSNL connection, and we use it over Wifi. Since a lot of people are using it, all of us get very low speeds. There is another BSNL 2 mpbs connection which is a VPN line, which is on the floor below us, and it is connected...
  2. N

    Bsnl wimax howi 750

    Hii everyone, i wanna know how much does it totally cost to get bsnl wimax 750 tariff inc. cpe and other (i have no idea) i just applied for bsnl wimax but i don't know if they are going to give me a connection or not. if i want to connect 2 or 3 pc to wimax and make a hotspot for mobile...
  3. A

    Network Problem..

    I have a BSNL Broadband service and i use a netgear modem DGN1000.... the problem is that some of the site like irctc,better photography,yahoomail cant be accessed... but if i use vpn or tor or proxy then only these site can be the problem is from bsnl or modem or some other...
  4. channabasanna

    Suggestion Needed should i change the modem or is it an issue with BSNL.

    Hi Team, Currently i am using BSNL broadband from 2005. Recently i changed the BB plan to BB1475 (which is 4MBps upto 20GB later on 512kBps) from BB1100 (which was 2MBps upto 19GB later on 128kBps). But i am not seeing any difference in speed from previous plan. One of my colleague who stays...
  5. B

    View data transfer of different Wifi connections separately.

    Sorry if this question has been asked earlier. I use two Wifi connections, one at home which is BSNL, and the other in the office; that is also BSNL but that doesn't matter. My question is about data usage: I have installed this software called Networx which shows how much data transfer has...
  6. D

    A WiFi Modem-router for 24*7 Heavy Operation..........

    Hi I have a BSNL Broadband connection with asdl modem(rental) provided by bsnl itself. The problem is my pc is up and downloading/uploading 24*7 so the modem keeps running too due to which 3 modems(craps) provided by bsnl malfunctioned and were replaced in 2 months time and they warned me that...
  7. TechnoBOY

    good speed when downloading from bsnl sites but not from others

    i found out downloading from bsnl sited give better speed than others sited so is there any trikes to increase speed in other sites
  8. G

    Slow browsing speeds, but good download speed after installing windows 8.1 pro

    Hi i recently installed Windows 8.1 pro x 64, in my old PC. Just after installing i installed BitDefender Total Security 2015 a few other essential softwares and started updating my system from the windows update section. The download speeds were good. And after that i opened the browsers and...
  9. U

    Asus N10E ADSL Router- slow speeds - Need Help

    Hi Friends, I purchased this Asus DSL-N10 150 Mbps wireless ADSL router for my BSNL Broadband connection. The looks of this router are good, but the router interface sucks and very confusing. It took some time to configure it to my needs and all is setup now. Though my BSNL connection is...
  10. kool

    ►► Android apps like instagram, paytm, bookmyshow not working on my mobile/tablet using BSNL WIFI.

    Hi guys, I was using wired BSNL broadband on my PC and using all apps on my cellphone/tablet using connectify hotspot PC software. But last month i switched to ULD 1445 plan and wireless TP-LINK modem (TL-WR740N). But now i m facing some problem after few days. I have Nexus 7 and XOLO Q800...
  11. TechnoBOY

    will i get good speed in bsnl bb if my land line is clear ???

    will i get good speed via bsnl land line if its working fine
  12. TechnoBOY

    Post your BSNL broadband speed results

    can any body just tell me ur real life speed in BSNL broadband and your plan
  13. T

    Bsnl throttling youtube

    Last few days YouTube was not working properly on my 512 kbps ul bsnl connection. Streams two seconds and then buffer. Then I got to program monitor and saw my data usage was only around 100-200kbps so I got investigating and saw that my download speed was fine getting around 60kBps( i.e...
  14. M


    HI My self mukesh iam using BSNL wimax . From BSNL indoor unit output is given to 4 port wifi router internet is running in all three PC atached to the router with LAN cable . My problem is to do networking between the three pc .Can some body help me to get out of this problem.
  15. rijinpk1

    BSNL *Revised* Free Night Usage Broadband Charges with New Plan Names

    these are already withdrawn plans for new users. However, old users are gonna suffer ;) . so any old user of such plans, be careful. you might get a hefty bill next month if you do not notice this. Beware. source: BSNL Revised Free Night Usage Broadband Charges with New Plan Names | BSNL...
  16. rickenjus

    Want to get a new bsnl broadband connection, but knows NOTHING !!!

    Mod please delete this thread Sorry I posted thread twice
  17. P

    Best Broadband In lucknow U.P

    Hi, I have been bsnl broadband subscriber since 2008 or so. Right now I am on a 1425 ULD plan 4mbps till 20 GB and then flat 512 kbps. The thing is with my downloading habbits spiralling out of control 20 GB is consumed within 15 days max. Therefore from some time I am searching for an...
  18. anky

    wireless replacement for traditional bsnl modem

    hello friends, i need a wifi modem(i dont really know the difference between modem, router)...i am weak in networking.. i have a modem which i got from BSNL, and i want to replace it with wifi modem(or router) which can provide internet connection over wifi...using my current modem always...
  19. Allu Azad

    BSNL launches new 'smartphone' in India at Rs 1,099

    BSNL launches new 'smartphone' in India at Rs 1,099 - IBNLive State-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) unveiled a low-cost version of its smartphone, with e-governance applications for common man. Branded as "Bharat phone", the mobile device has a three-inch large screen display with provision...
  20. vedula.k95

    Dlink Google not showing up Problem[Solved]

    hey guys today i encountered a problem with my dlink modem google didnt showed up so how to solve the problem? If you are using bsnl broadband then set the value to 1500
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