1. J

    zte dxdsl 531b as repeater with teracom wifi router

    helo friends , i am having a bsnl broadband connection with unlimited plan and recently purchased a wifi router of teracom from BSNL , i am also having a ZTE ZXDSL 531B router . my question is i am not getting good signal in my entire house so i want to use my extra router as repeater/wireless...
  2. F

    Best Broadband in Goa?

    Hey! I have Hathway 512kbps plan. And I was wondering whether there is any better ISP that will give me better pings/value for money? I have tried BSNL, it's not good.. :/
  3. G

    Bsnl evdo coverage in gurgaon

    Hi, I' ve been thinking of getting the BSNL EVDO card with the unlimited plan for rs.750 but I'm not sure if I'll get a good signal. Anybody know if the signal is any good in the sector-22,23,21 area's of Gurgaon
  4. S

    BSNL Broad \band or Idea 3G ?

    BSNL 750 UL or 900 UL plan or Idea 3G unlimited plan ? Which is good ? I am a power user Web designer Consider minimum 4 hours browsing / day . 1 - 3 Movies/ week 1 - 4 Games / week 20 - 50 Songs / Week 10 - 20 Videos / Week 100+ you tube streams in 480p / Week 30+ emails / week...
  5. S

    Help needed in configuring DSL502T for Bsnl broadband

    Hi, I have a D-Link DSL-502T ADSL modem which I haven't used for some time. The other modem that I was using conked out, and I needed to use this modem; however, when I'm trying to configure the modem for BSNL broadband connection, whenever I try to change the VCI, I get an error "VPI & VCI...
  6. thatsashok

    Reliance or BSNL

    Guys I have an option of choosing between Reliance wireline and BSNL BB. I so far have experience of BSNL 750 UL. I know BSNL has good pings to Malaysia and Singapore servers but the speeds are not VFM compared to Reliance. My Usage : Steam downloads Online multiplayer games like TF2, CS ...
  7. pratyush997

    BSNL Screwed by Anonymous India

    LINK ------------------------------- Announcement Post and the main thing is that even Database passwords are shared Link to ^^ Post Pastebin Update The website's homepage was hacked saying:- Here they got good hint to protect themselves and The funny thing is that BSNL :facepalm...
  8. S

    Portable Router for BSNL EVDO (UE100) ?

    Suggest me a Portable Router For BSNL EVDO (Prithivi UE100 Data card). Is Tp link MR 3040 works with it? other pocket router ??
  9. S

    please help me to choose a data card.

    I am looking forward to buy a data card. I am finished with my Docomo EDGE connection . I have Idea 3G here , but their unlimited plan offers high speed only upto 6Gb , r8 ? That 6 GB will finish in just 1 day for me.. Is there any other similar plans which offers "real unlimited"...
  10. M

    Getting 1Mbps Speed In BSNL 2G Recharge

    Now this is what happened, Yesterday I connected my Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 to internet via bluetooth via my Nokia X2-01. I usually get speed around 4-5 KBps but I was getting 20-30 KBps. I went to I got download speed of 0.23 Mbps (around 29 KBps). That is considerably fast for my...
  11. A

    regarding changing modem

    hey my isp gives me 1 mb download speed but i only get max 250 kb/s i have local bsnl modem that the company provides does changing the modem will increase my internet speed
  12. B

    suggestion for wireless modem cum router for bsnl wired connection

    Hi Reposting this, as when i posted now it did not come. Kindly ignore if this becomes a duplicate. I have a bsnl modem. I wanted to return it and get the bsnl wifi modem. But it seems that BSNL no longer provides modem. They asked me to go to a nearby store which looked like a bsnl outlet...
  13. lywyre

    Switching from Airtel to Docomo or BSNL

    Have been with Airtel for more than 7 years and they have gone from good to bad to worse, both network and their service. And they seem not to care about us at all. They don't care if our messages get delivered (yes, the Aircel issue). What happened to 'Every friend is ..'. Enough said and I...
  14. kg11sgbg

    Problems in connection of UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 ADSL wireless modem/router

    Hello @forum friends,I am facing a grave problem in connecting to newtork(BSNL Dataone Broadband) Home ULD-900 Plan through the UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 wireless/modem router provided by BSNL. Some excerpts from another thread started by our friend @vishalg:---> One of my comments also:--->...
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