Wifi router for BSNL 2mbps connection


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Hi, I need advice from you from buying a wifi router for my BSNL broadband (not optic fibre). I'm pretty new to wifi routers so please suggest what kind of router should I go for.

It will be used for home use. Building is a two story house. I was thinking of buying 'TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router'. Please let me what you think of it.

Budget is max 1.5k. Thanks!


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WR841N is wireless router so you will require a modem also to use with ADSL broadband connections(the one who provide net using telephone wire).You can get TPLink W8968 which is an ADSL modem+wifi router so you won't have to separately buy an ADSL modem.It will also be easier to configure.W8968 also supports cable broadband connections like asianet,sify,hathway,ACt etc & it also has support for many 3g usb modems too.
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