1. D

    Problem with Firefox on uploading pictures in facebook

    I am unable to upload pictures with Photo/video button of facebook with firefox browser. I tried several suggested methods obtained by googling like updating browser, java plugin, resetting and finally reinstalling firefox. But, the problem remains the same. It may be mentioned that photos can...
  2. Desmond

    The Best Web Browsers of 2016

    Looks like Firefox beats Chrome again. Source: The Best Web Browsers of 2016; Internet - Product
  3. GhorMaanas

    Accessing MS Edge browser history on Win 10 Phone

    hello! the edge browser on my win 10 phone doesnt show browser history. is there any way to access it? tagging kkn13 for help.
  4. soyab0007

    Free VPN - Opera Browser

    Free VPN - Opera Browser Its a big deal - Opera is now the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on...
  5. beingGamer

    Forum issue

    Couldn't find any thread to report this. Every time i open any page on this forum the menu covers up 1/3 of the page. Its there since like 2-3 weeks now. Has anyone noticed/fixing it? Its annoying to remove it using developer tool of browser
  6. R

    Apps safe for uninstall and new app suggestions for brand new Redmi 2 Prime

    Hey guys, i bought Redmi 2 Prime recently which is my first Android phone and upon first boot it had 12.36GB free internal space and 1.2GB free ram out of 2GB. It has some apps preinstalled which i would like to know, whether its safe to remove them. Here are the apps, 1) Swiftkey 2) Fleksy 3)...
  7. GhorMaanas

    [Android] Saving/transferring browser history

    Hello all! is there any way by which the whole history of any browser could be saved, or transferred to PC, if a reformat of the phone or/and changing the ROM is intended? any folder in the system files which contains the records of the pages visited, which could be backed up and then restored...
  8. ico

    Firefox for Android.

    Is the best browser available for the platform. Chrome is Internet Explorer 6 now. No tabs anymore. Slow. Crashes. Eats up batter. No Adblock/Extensions. Another problem with Webkit based browsers is - auto-download of APKs on some websites, automatic opening of Play Store on some websites...
  9. stellar

    Buy N Save Pest

    IMy Browser is infected with buy n save adware. I am using google chrome and I have tried all the antimalware like spybot,malwarebyte,ad aware but still no success. After deleting in google chrome extension also it re surfaces again after after the browser is opened. Help on terminating this...
  10. A

    need help regarding virus

    dear friends, i am facing strange prob when surfing net. when i click any where in a web page,my browser automaticlly strat a new window whose address is is it a safe site or a phishing attack.other prob is there are numerous small windows pops up in my browser...
  11. Vyom

    Mozilla developing a browser for web designers

    Mozilla has announced that it will unveil a new browser on November 10, which will be “built by developers for developers.” Developers can sign up to receive an email update as soon as the browser is available. The new browser is based on Firefox and will have debugging capabilities and...
  12. Cyberghost

    Internet Explorer continues to dominate desktop browser share

    According to Net Marketshare, Internet Explorer is the most popular desktop Web browser on Earth. It’s not even a close race either. As of last month, Internet Explorer’s share stands at 58.38 percent. That’s actually up slightly in May, when it was 58.17 percent. The next closest competitor...
  13. beingGamer

    Need Help with Scratch on monitor

    I know this is a tutorial section, but posting it here because maybe the suggested solution would become a tutorial. I have Dell S2240L monitor. today morning i noticed there is a scratch on the little-lower left side of the screen. its not visible in games but when the background is uniform...
  14. S

    Wifi router setting guideline

    Guys, I am using Meghbala broadband service from my local cable operator. Speed and service are good. Few days ago I bought a Wifi router (D Link). To receive the internet through Wifi I configured it as Static IP option (as per my friend's advice). Where I need to put the IP address, Subnet...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar

    Browser Displaying Only Text For A Specific Site

    Hi All, I'm facing a strange problem with a specific site, that it's only displaying the text, no images or CSS gets rendered. The problem is same on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. But a strange thing is that this problem is only on Windows, not on Linux. I tried deleting the...
  16. B

    Sandbox deleted, yet previous download resumes

    Hello, I've been using Sandboxie for a long time. I always open the browser sandboxed. I've been using Firefox for quite some time, but lately I've started using Waterfox (64 bit). From what I understand, when you open a browser sandboxed, everything opens within a sandboxed folder...
  17. nac

    What happened to Mozilla?

    The latest build really sucks... For the past few weeks there is no option to pause the file downloading using videodownloadhelper plugin. Now, downloading file is not showing. Have to view them in history. No option to see the progress of download. Out of frustration I cancelled the download by...
  18. sling-shot

    Which is the most resilient web browser?

    I have a problem with the existing web browsers that I use such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (I do not use Chrome) While browsing on a flaky internet connection or trying to browse while also running a torrent client, they generally fail to load all the individual items in a web page...
  19. dalbir

    internet connection in windows 7

    i can not connect to the Internet in windows via any web browser. i uninstalled the google chrome and tried to use the internet via other browser but same result. what may be the problem?
  20. ithehappy

    Query to Windows Phone owners

    I use S4 atm, it's Android, and I hate Android, so wanna switch to Windows Phone 8. Now the main thing to think is apps and the variety of it. So I was seeing my apps list, and I need to know if the apps I use on my S4 available on Windows or not. Windows Phone owners please confirm if the below...
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