1. sukesh1090

    Bios reporting very high Vcore, Vram

    Hello, I am having a AMD phenom II 955 BE running on a Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard and my PSU is Seasonic S12 II 520W. Today I booted in to Bios and I noticed that its showing vcore of 2.00v instead of 1.4v, Vram of 2.3v instead of 1.5v and PSU 12v rail at 16.17v. I have attached a...
  2. Sarang\m/

    Good Microphones for Gaming?

    Hello. I need microphones for gaming purposes. My budget is 2000. I am looking for a microphone that can be attached with Sennheiser HD 598.
  3. J

    stabilizer needed specifically for AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch?

    guys o i need stabilizer specifically for1.5ton AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch which serve my whole house? thanks in advance.
  4. B

    sata ports are dead

    hallo, i have a ASUS p5g41TMLX3 plus mobo and Seagate Baracuda 1Tb HDD running windows 7 ,and 4GB KInGSTON ram. well there is no ide port on motherboard , so i added my ide dvdwriter(LG) to mobo via a IDE to SATA connector. that was the root of problem ,slowly it killed the sata port where it...
  5. jackal_79

    The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it

    Interesting Topic! Source attached The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it - Feature - TechRepublic
  6. bubusam13

    Pc components running too hot. Advice needed!

    Hi Guys, My AMD FX 6300 is running at 67 degree C at idle and GPU near to 80 degree. PC even shuts down due to overheating. I applied Artic Silver 5 which helped in bringing CPU temperature to about 50 and I have removed the GPU default cooler and attached a CPU cooler to it, which reduced...
  7. nseries73

    [For Sale] Htc one m7 black

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HTC ONE M7 SINGLE SIM * HTC ONE DOUBLE DIP CASE (pics attached) HTC ONE SILICON BACK COVER (pics attached) SCREEN GUARD [2 nos.] (pics attached) Expected Price: Rs 23,000/- Source and Time of Purchase...
  8. srkmish

    Windows stuck at welcome screen if External Hard drive is attached to PC :(

    I bought a My passport 1 TB Recently. Although the drive is perfectly fine, if i boot the computer with it attached to PC, windows is stuck at welcome screen. When i remove it , it boots perfectly fine and then i am able to reattach. Any solutions for this?
  9. A

    not able to get solution

    Hello friend, earlier I was playing one game TLBB which was running fine after from a month I am not able to play it when ever I try to play it an error comes, I have attached the error and report img please tell me what to do.
  10. R

    Fan wire attached to molex got shot. Needed assistance!

    Guys I really need your help! I was installing a new ventilation fan in my new PC that I just assembled a week or so back. When I switched it on, there was a spark and white smoke came out from some part above the graphic card with a very strong burning-like odor. I immediately switched it...
  11. debarshi

    [Query] WD Blue Drive RMA query

    I am having some issues with my WD Blue 500 GB drive When I use WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, it shows a strange error Status Code 07 (I've attached screenshots)......... Can/should I send this drive for RMA? If yes, can anyone tell me the procedure? Please help....
  12. R

    Cannot print pdf file

    I am trying to print a pdf file which is stored in my PC but it is not showing the print file link: Pls tell through which software can i get its print. The file is attached. SST.pdf download - 2shared
  13. T

    how to stop getting this message? "atheros pcie ethernet contoller"

    I hv win 8 pro installed on my pc. recently I attached another hard disk of my old pc to this one and since then I get this strange message everytime I start or restart my pc. its realy annoying that it stays for a pretty while and slows down my pc's startup. otherwise my win 8 use to startup in...
  14. M

    Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8 GB 200X Read speed. Worlds Fastest USB 2.0 flash drive.

    1. *Model number and details: Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8 GB 2. *Date of purchase: 2 years ago. 3. Reason for sale: Don't want it. Bought an external HDD. 4. Warranty details: NA 5. *Expected Price: 500 Free shipping by Speedpost. 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala 7. *Pictures along with...
  15. amjath

    Continuous BSOD every 20 min

    Hi all, This is a issue for my friend. He is having Dell Alienware 15x. His laptop experiencing continuous BSOD every 20 min. I have attached 2 screenshots which he sent me please help.
  16. KDroid

    PC won't boot up.

    It was working fine till yesterday. Now it's not booting up. I cleaned the RAM. Put it back. Reset BIOS. But still it won't boot up. I have a beeper attached to the MoBo (Got it from my old PC). It used to beep earlier. It won't beep now. :( Help.
  17. mayoorite

    Help in C++ programming!

  18. rahul_c

    BSOD again!

    I was getting multiple blue screens on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, to make sure I didnt have any software issues I formatted the entire HDD. But today I got it again! Is there any way to get rid of them? I have attached the log files(RAR archive renamed for uploading) it consists of two files...
  19. IronCruz

    BSNL Usage ??

    From the start of this month i cannot check my usage through website. I get this kind of page(See Attached Image). How do i check my usage. Please help me out!!!
  20. sujeet2555

    smps problem

    just encountered another nuisance.i have been noticed this symptoms from many days my pc config is: asus m3a78 em, amd 9650 x4.2gb ram,500gb seagate hd ,lg dvd writer and running win7. i have a mercury cabinet+mercury 400w system is 1 yr old.i have attached hard disk and sata writer...
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