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hallo, i have a ASUS p5g41TMLX3 plus mobo and Seagate Baracuda 1Tb HDD running windows 7 ,and 4GB KInGSTON ram. well there is no ide port on motherboard , so i added my ide dvdwriter(LG) to mobo via a IDE to SATA connector. that was the root of problem ,slowly it killed the sata port where it attached and then i attached it to another port and then after some days slowly it also killed that port. now only one sata port ,to whome my hdd is attached is left alive and rest all ports get courrupt , . when i attach any hdd or optical drive to them it gives errors or even not detected by bios . so please suggest me a solution to it. i also upgraded mobo ,s bios. i also attached a pcie-e to sata converter but , harddisc attached to it is not recogniged by windows . Motherboard- ASUS p5g41tm-lx3 plus , intel pentium d E5500 cpu, KINGSTON 2GBx2 ram,
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any hdd attached to some pci/pci-e card requires installation of drivers to enable windows to recognize that hdd(assuming you are talking about pci/pci-e sata card & not some adapter like ide/sata adapter you used earlier).
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