1. A

    Free Reliable And Free Web-Hosting

    Hello, I am looking for a Good and relieble free host which can atleast provide me with 100mb webspace. And can rpovide direct domain hosting rather then sud domain hosting. Also should atleast have 2GB Bandwidth limit. Waiting for a quick response.
  2. R

    Need very cheap and economical Internet connection

    Hi, At present I have BSNL telephone connection and Sancharnet dial up access. I browse mostly at offpeak hours. But still phone bill is high. So I need your opinion, Is there any very cheap/economical alternative. :?: I don't need any broadband connection atleast for next 2 months...
  3. QwertyManiac

    How to connect 2 users in DATAONE

    I want to connect to my friend using Dataone (both of us have) How to do so ????? Plz give an idea atleast ! All, replies are welcome and thnx !
  4. The Incredible


    Hi! Is there ne1 mob with such features. Video Capturing atleast upto half an hour. Voice recording atleast upto half an hour. Coloured. Bluetooth Data transfer technology. True Tones within 10,000 it shud b of NOKIA with a gus battery power. Anindya
  5. drgrudge

    [Firefox] Tweaks for faster browsing

    I just saw a new tweak which I dint know about today and it's cool and I could notice 5-10% faster browsing speeds. Just do these things. 1. Open "about:config" in your address bar. 2. Add this value : browser.cache.disk.parent_directory as a new string, see the screenshot: Add...
  6. Satissh S

    Prince Of Persia WW

    Is there really no cheats POP WW. I searched the net and looked on but everything seems to offer tips for alternate Endings and artworks! I am not enjoying the game as it's so tough and it wud take atleast a waek to master its combos though iam using a gamepad. Is there any cheats u...
  7. R

    Best monitor for games

    There's not much discussion here abt monitors available in india...some of u suggest the samsung MB2. does this monitor support high resolutions ? (atleast 1600*1200). In the US, gamers usually prefer monitors with high refresh rates (~100 Hz@1024 atleast!) . I wonder if such high end monitors...
  8. A

    New PC Trouble

    Hi My Config: Amd 3200 64 winchester Asus A8N-E 2 X 512mb ddr 400 cl=2.5 corsair value select 160gb seagate sata ncq Cabinet navtech with temp display Antec SL450 with 25A on +12va line XFX 128mb 6600gt pci-e Benq CD-RW Liteon DVD rom Sony FDD 1 additional fan Creative Sound...
  9. Akshay

    Laptop - Rs.50k

    I am looking for a new laptop within a range of Rs.45K to 50K. Min. requirements are a centrino processor, atleast 30GB HDD, atleast 256 MB RAM, combo drive,bluetooth. Features like spill resistant, security lock, etc. are criteria. Any brand will do. One more query is that if I install OS other...
  10. R

    Radeon9600 pro performance problem

    I have a strange problem with my Radeon9600 pro, in 3D mark 2003 i get a score of 2760 which is pretty good and how much this card should give.. but in 3D Mark 2001, i only get a score of 6730 ??!! I checked some benchmarks for this card and i should be getting atleast 11000 or more. My config...
  11. S


    Config main () Printf("Guys a simple problem wit my system.."); { Win 2k SP4 (All Updates) Winfast Geforce Fx 6600 (Updated Drivers 66.93 Forceware) AMD 64 3000+ } My system takes atleast 2 to 3 mins to shutdown No extra programs running in background... Any...
  12. V

    MOBO Problem

    i have a little confusion in selecting a mobo for AMD 64 3200+ all i need is a mobo which has the following specifications the mobo should contains nforce 4 chipset or nforce 5 if it is available A SLI board pcle express slot(both x1 and x16 slots or atleast x16 slots) onboard...
  13. C

    Gmail with Emacs

    Have anyone configured Gmail with Emacs. If so, please tell me so or atleast post the HOWTO link. _________________
  14. vysakh

    Some dial-up queries

    1. Every time i connect to internet, the maximum speed i get is 46.6 kbps. Even during noon or during peek time. Not so long ago i used to get atleast 54 kbps. How do i increase this connecting speed ? 2. As mensioned above, i get a usual speed of 46.6 kbps. So when i download files, i should...
  15. D

    Digicam underRs.6K

    Hey, guys tell me if there any digicam with atleast 3 megapixels and underRs.6K
  16. P

    report writing help

    pls suggest me some good topics 4 report writing related to computers or mechanical engineering i've to prepare atleast 15 pages,where can i get the material?? thnx
  17. D

    Digi cam under Rs.6K

    Hey, guys tell me if I can a Digi cam under Rs.6K with atleast 3 Megapixels
  18. K

    Lsass.exe Problems ..

    i have a p pavillion t460i i don`t know what the promblem is i get a message while enterning my windows 'LSA SHELL ENCOUNTERED A PROMBLEM' AND MY PC DOESN`T ACCEPT ANY INPUTS FROM MY MOUSE OR KEYBOARD HELP ME!!!!!!! [Edited Batty] Aray atleast give your thread a relevant subject ..What...
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