1. B

    Is Samsung turning out to be the poster boy of Smartphones?

    Samsung is basking under the emphatic glory of it's Galaxy smartphone series sales that has touched a figure of close to 60 million phones now, please share your views on a article I have posted on my blog, do you feel Samsung's dominance in smartphone segment is going to be short lived? or does...
  2. L

    Why I hate Electronic Arts

    I just read this article ea_spouse: EA: The Human Story which actually touched my heart. I mean ho can a big company like EA treat its employees as described in the article. Also nowadays their games are bad. They have screwed up Fifa series since Fifa 11 and also their over hyped Crysis 2 was...
  3. sygeek

    Valve's Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client, Source Engine [with images]

    Source and full article (and more images) Here is a log of the chat going on at Phoronix IRC:
  4. ParaXite

    A Must Read for everyone...

    People think that a 2 GB RAM on a GPU is fast. Well, it turns out you just need 512 MB of Graphic RAM to run the latest games on a decent resolution. Conclusion : How Much RAM Does Your Graphics Card Really Need? An awesome article which will hopefully clear things out. If you already knew...
  5. ramakanta

    Request-Planet ke rakhwale Seeds

    I am new to the computer and Internet form past 7 to 8 month. now i am in basic stage. also i want to learn much more. For that one day i am searching some computer related book in old books store . at that time i saw the Digit magazine june '10 issue and purchase that. after that i purchase...
  6. Zangetsu

    Now Multiboot in Android OS

    yes you hear right..:doublethumb: u can penta boot on Android OS. but do read the whole article before implementing :mrgreen: How to - Multi-boot Android OS' on your phone -
  7. cray.x

    can't find an article

    i was trying to search an article on DIY transparent window in PC cabinet. but couldn't find. i wanted to know in which months issue can i find that. :cry:
  8. TheLetterD

    Suggestion for School Article [URGENT]

    Hello. Ok so my teacher has told me to write an article. If its good it would be published in the newspaper! :lol: So I need some suggestions for a topic and if possible some help too. I know a lot about mobiles and tablets(SoCs, OS WARS, upcoming cell phones, how they affect us, features that...
  9. V

    Programming basics in Infosys, TCS, etc.?

    There is this popular article about training in Infosys, TCS and other IT vendors circulating in NITs these days. I am confused about this point from the article: Re: Infosys, TCS, or Wipro? - Susam Pal Most of the article was not relevant to me because as a fresher I am ready to join a...
  10. sygeek

    The Geeks Daily

    This thread is meant for sharing interesting articles related to Technology and Geekism on a wide base such that it doesn't fit in Technology news section, Random news section or the OSS article thread. Now, The Rules: Please don't copy-paste the entire article if the site's Terms and...
  11. Sarath

    How to Overclock?

    Hello everyone, I came here to look for any guides for overclocking and found none. Only found results or benchmarks which i do not understand. Can anyone guide me to a link that explains overclocking properly. I read an article about it in DIGIT long back but cant remember any. Also is...
  12. NewsBytes

    A look at Gnome 3

    Introduction Gnome 3 desktop UI The message tray Activities view Window Management Conclusion Gnome 3 is a major new update to the Gnome desktop environment that redefines the desktop interface entirely. The Gnome developers have left no stone unturned, and have come up with new...
  13. vickybat

    Dell takes packaging to the next level.

    Read the article below guys. Its very interesting and dell is indeed paying a lot attention to the environment. Others should follow this and should be a standard. Article
  14. NewsBytes

    Tracing Emails

    Networking(basic) This short article will teach you basic of networking. Networking is the basic before learning how to hack.Without knowing networking you are nothing but a lame person who know how to hack but dont know what he is doing so i found it very important to include a whole article...
  15. V

    Is i5 2400 logical choice over i5 2500k?

    Hi, I'm about to buy a new set of processor, mobo and ram tomorrow (From Lamington, Mumbai). I have been reading and following the advice over this forum for around one month. It seems i5 2500K is a favorite pick among many people over here. So, I had locked into that one for purchase. But...
  16. NewsBytes


    sadasdasd... To read the full news article, click here
  17. rhitwick

    IIPM not recognized by MHRD or UGC and AICTE

    Its a know fact and its on news again.... check this out. Mint ePaper - Article
  18. NewsBytes

    test by durgeshooooppppppppsss

    ertyertertertfghfgh... To read the full news article, click here
  19. NewsBytes

    test by durgeshooooppppppppsss

    ertyertertertfghfgh... To read the full news article, click here
  20. NewsBytes

    test by durgeshddddddd

    ryrtyrtyrtyrt... To read the full news article, click here
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