1. Knight2A4

    Script to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive

    Hello Everyone, I would require some help in writing a script to Automatically Backup files some remote sever to local drive over ftp. O.K am a mech. And being trying to find a way to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive. By googling I reached to this article how to...
  2. B

    Old music streaming article

    Hi, I've been trying to find an old article on which you guys gave a comparison of the numerous online music streaming services including their pricing, file stream / downloading quality and lots of other stuff, but sadly i couldn't find the article anywhere so if possible could someone...
  3. sam_738844

    [HBM] Fury Unleashed : Titan Killer? Not really.

    Reviews are out for the most awaited GPU launch (ever?) AMD's back, and unleashed Fury with its latest HBM based Fiji-XT Enthusiast Grade R9-Fury X Card, is it worth all the hype that it followed? find out with all reviews rounded up. Articles: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4GB Review - Tom's Hardware...
  4. Desmond

    'Delhi is unlivable': NYT reporter has every reason to abandon city

    Source: 'Delhi is unlivable': NYT reporter has every reason to abandon city
  5. prehistoricgamer

    Lenovo Users! Beware.

    I know this isn't the right sub forum to post this. But I thought it might help out a couple of unwary Lenovo users. As a potential Lenovo customer, this saddens me. I was about to buy a Lenovo Z50-70 in the next week. I may have to rethink my decision due to Lenovo's practices and shady...
  6. vijju6091

    Good article for PC building guide India

    While reading through I came across this article which blew me away Please read as it is totaly based on Indian gaming PC building and guided...
  7. kg11sgbg

    A help please regarding entry into the site

    I wonder why I am unable to browse or enter into the site posted in the magazine digit. The link being :--->***** (here ***** refers to any article or fact or posts or whatsoever). How to enter the link and how do I read them? Please Help @TDF Friends.
  8. A

    BBM for Android phone

    Hey I read an article which stating BBM is now in android phones what are your reactions guys. I would like to share that article with you must real. I was using BBM in my blackberry but i was bored on it and changed to android for but now in android also I am getting BBM. My friends who were on...
  9. T

    Over 2,000 fewer farmers every day

    Over 2,000 fewer farmers every day - The Hindu Another thought provoking article by P. Sainath
  10. vickybat

    Future-proofing your PC for next-gen gaming

    This article should not be neglected as it comes straight from the guys in Digital Foundry. With the advent of next-gen consoles, this is how we should prepare our pc's to match their computing power and closed box development advantage. Article
  11. vickybat

    Will Wii u meet the same fate of Sega Dreamcast

    This thread isn't meant for any flaming or debatable discussions. Its more like a public opinion and what people think about the aforementioned console's fate. This came to my mind after i stumbled across the following article: Should Nintendo Quit Consoles? How many people have the...
  12. H

    French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia Article

    French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia Article | Autour de Wikipédia et des projets Wikimedia
  13. H

    List out of Lambda: what do you really need in a programming language?

    List Out of Lambda / Steve Losh I don't really see a way to quote the article that would still offer a good picture without actually copying about 90% of the article so i would recommend reading it. If you aren't familiar with functional languages you should start with Scala, which has a...
  14. r4gs

    #2> ASUS RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, EA-N66: Setup and configuration

    Previously we had looked at the unboxing and preview of a couple of routers and an adapter from ASUS. We were quite pleased with their unique design, boxed contents and the slew of features they offered. Moving on, in this article, we’ll be describing about how easy it is to go about and setup...
  15. shaurya.malik88

    Security flaw in Samsung Smart TV

    I was just browsing the tech section of 'Times of India' and I was shocked to see a article which claimed that there is a big flaw in samsung smart TV where hackers can watch you and hear your conversation as well by the camera and mic installed in it. It;s quite shocking to hear a flaw like...
  16. tkin

    How low is humanity going to sink?

    Today I was reading the comments on a article on the Connecticut shootings and here are a few comments from the page, and rest assured there are plenty like this, seen them on fb as well, how can a person justify the murder of innocent children based on Israel's war with Gaza(no debate on this...
  17. avinandan012

    What's in the wattage? - Corsair blog

    Found this article What's in the wattage? - Corsair blog
  18. V

    Tech leaders in LTE technology

    There is this interesting article on that talks about a little known fact about LTE technology. It appears that LG owns the most LTE patents followed by Qualcomm. You can read the full article here: Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents - Forbes Also came...
  19. sling-shot

    Forbes India article on Flipkart

    ForbesIndia article on Flipkart: Forbes India Magazine - Can Flipkart Deliver?
  20. B

    A Challenger in Making for Ultrabooks and Netbooks

    With smartphones flexing processing muscle power, a portable dock for mobile phones could emerge as the right solution for portable computing, ClamBook from ClamCase is going to be one such device to wait for, check out my article on this
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