1. tkin

    Suggest Gaming Keyboard @3k

    Today I managed to do something that I had dreaded for years, I spilled some tea on my Logitech G110KB, it malfunctioned first, I managed to clean the keys but some liquid got stuck inside and caused issues, so I opened to clean it up and while trying to separate the printed circuits I managed...
  2. TechnoBOY

    opinion about malware anti byte ??

    opinion about malware anti byte ??
  3. Ashok Verma

    Suggest... Best Anti-virus for home user

    Dear friends, Pls suggest a good anti virus for home use under Rs 500 budget...
  4. Arjun609

    Best Anti-Virus !!

    Suggest the best anti Virus
  5. N

    Best Anti Glare Laptop

    Is there any good laptop with anti glare screens? My budget is 40000-50000 and used for normal office and programming work.
  6. S

    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3

    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3
  7. Subhankar Mondal

    Can a mobile be affected by virus ?

    Is there any specific anti virus for Android mobiles? I use xperia.
  8. N

    Best Laptop with Antiglare

    I am planning to buy a laptop with the following specs Anti glare screen budget - upto Rs 60000 Corei7 preferred 3'rd gen preferred - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD Laptop should not get hot after 2-3 hours of usage I am not a gamer but want to buy a lappy which is future proof. I heard that samsung...
  9. A

    Licensing problem about Titanium anti virus on digit dvd.

    dear friends, digit provided titanium anti virus suite on jan. 2013 issue stating that it is free.digit also provided this anti virus previousely as 90 days validity but it is only 30 days trial asks serial key on start can i get the serial key.please help:-?
  10. S

    No anti alising effect HD 6870

    Hello guys, First something about my PC Mobo= Intel DH55TC, Micro-ATX Form Factor, LGA1156 Socket Type, Dual Channel DIMM Memory, PCIe x16 Slots, Generation 1, 2.0. Processor= Intel 3.06 GHz LGA 1156 Core i3-540. RAM= two sticks, total 4 GB. Monitor= LG2041 20 inches with 1600*900...
  11. samudragupta

    my anti virus is about to expire

    hi friends as the topic explains, my anti virus norton internet security 2011 which came preloaded with my laptop is about to expire in 4 days. should i upgrade to norton internet security 2012 or kaspersky internet security 2012? i had used kaspersky on my old compaq and was great anti virus...
  12. Cool Comps

    Net Protector - Is this is a good Anti Virus ?

    Well actually i bought the anti virus from md comp so i will probably install it. There shouldnt be anything fishy. idk. i got a cd so den der shouldnt be problems rite. 8-)

    Recovery help

    i have my freinds acer laptop with me. its loaded with lots of virus,no cd drive. anti virus didnt install,cant get control panel.can access task manager,bt cant terminate processes. i have a norton ghost image for the norton ghost doesnt works. any advices?? is there any other...
  14. buddyram

    Applications are not Opening!!!

    Hi folks, My PC was working fine till yesterday morning. Later in the evening, when I switched on my PC, everything was fine till the login page from bootup. But after logging i am not able to open any application! Even it is not detecting the flash drives which i insert. I had installed...
  15. detoknight

    Piracy and anti piracy in India

    India is a breeding ground for piracy. It says here that 65% of all software used is pirated. * This report places India as the fourth largest global hub of online film piracy...
  16. heman12


    Hi, All, Can any 1 pls. let me know pozuda,exe, melna,exe, autorun,inf from portable hard disk or flash drive. and also which anti virus is good for removing those files. lookin for ur reply.
  17. sushan

    Anit virus detection

    Dear all, I have installed Avast anti virus after uninstall of Kaspersky anti virus but still it shows that another anti virus is running,fyi installation of Avast was successful. whenever i opens my pc it shows Kaspersky antivirus is running. thanks for your time. Regards
  18. A

    64 bit anti virus 7

    hi all ! i had installed windows 7 rc on my laptop. then i tried installing mcafee but the error says OS not supported. does mcafee not support win 7 or its because of 64 bit ? can you tell me the good anti virus which is comptible with windoews 7 64 bit. thanks in advance.
  19. ajayritik

    Need a good antivirus which can run on RAM equal or less than 128 MB

    One of my friend's has a PC which has only 128 MB RAM. There is some stuff on his Drive which I need to copy to my PC. However there are some Trojans, viruses etc on his PC. When I copy it on a flash drive and then try to dump it to my PC, the anti virus on my PC doesn't allow me to copy onto my...
  20. X

    Help Needed

    Can Anyone Please Tell me the best FREE antispyware and anti malware available and also the links to download them????
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