Suggest... Best Anti-virus for home user


for home usage , why not use Avast Free Antivirus? and if you really want a paid solution, buy Kaspersky or Bitdefender. don't waste money on quick-heal or net protector. :)


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Bitdefender is a good option if you want to buy Internet Security. As far as basic anti virus goes pic avast


Bitdefender you can get original copy for free.. There was an offer from softpedia

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3 days ago u could have got full bitdefender licence for free.. i guess you just got unlucky :(


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Dear friends, Pls suggest a good anti virus for home use under Rs 500 budget...

heres avg premium for free(legally)
it was supposed to be for people with huwaei data cards but anyone can install
works well and if u dont like it switch to kaspersky or mcafee


Download the Bitdefender 2014 Internet security, keep using the trial account..
I MIGHT have extra copies of the licence ill give away for free.. (Give me a day)
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