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Back to school!!
Today I managed to do something that I had dreaded for years, I spilled some tea on my Logitech G110KB, it malfunctioned first, I managed to clean the keys but some liquid got stuck inside and caused issues, so I opened to clean it up and while trying to separate the printed circuits I managed to rip a bit, long story short, some are not working, so suggest me a good keyboard @3k.

I need only a few anti ghosting feature:
1. The ability to press w/a/s/d, r, shift, ctrl, g etc at the same time, i'e anti ghosting around the wasd keys. But max 4 keys will be pressed at a time.
2. Anti ghosting around the arrow and right shift, alt, ctrl keys.

Now I don't need a gaming keyboard as such, i.e no specific requirement for backlights etc, but media keys would be preferred.


Back to school!!
Got Logitech G105 @ 2.8k


A Short Review:

1. Very good anti ghosting, I had tried pressing left.ctrl+w+q+r+t+capslock, up/down.arrow+right.ctrl+alt+space etc and I can safely press upto 6 keys and in some cases around the wasd cluster upto 7 keys without any issues. Absolutely no ghosting as per gaming is concerned.
2. Typing feels good, not firm as mechanical keyboard, but very silent indeed, just like older LG G keyboards, I can type on this for hours without any issues. Also key presses never miss, you can tap any part of a long key and it will register, no need to press the middle part of the spacebar.
3. Backlight has 3 modes, off, low, high. High is bright enough for any scenario.
4. 6 G keys at the left with 3 profile modes allow upto 18 quick keys, enough for any scenario incl. games as well as work.
7. Driver software is good and macro recording is flawless, already comes with a bunch of profiles inbuilt.
8. Can record macro on the fly.
9. Perhaps the best feature is, unlike gaming keyboards from competition, this keyboard comes with 3yrs warranty, afaik no other company like Razer/Roccat etc give 3yrs warranty.

1. No dedicated media keys, but with a function key you can do media actions using F keys like laptops, or else assign them to the left G keys for quicker access.
2. Only blue backlight, not exactly a con but I came from a multi color G110.
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