1. Soumik99

    Saints Row 3

    After the horribly optimized (for the pc, though xbox and ps still had problems), yet funny and enjoyble, this might be truly the new gen san andreas. eN2-WSyRuO0
  2. 4

    gta san andreas

    Hey guys how to increase the resolution of gta san andreas to 1600*900 pixels..there is no built in option to increase the resolution to so many pixels.. :-o is there any crack fix or any runtime software required for that as in most wanted and carbon
  3. Flashbang

    GTA 4 for Rs 500

    Hi . I recently saw on ebay that the new GTA 4 pc was available for just Rs. 499. Well thats something dirt cheap for a great game since pirated disc's too cost around 150 to 200 in a non metro . really its awesome as the original GTA san andreas cost around Rs 2000 (with a map and guide ) . Hey...
  4. Krazzy Warrior

    GTA-San Andreas (Blue Screen of Death)

    I have been playing GTA-San Andreas and had completed 80 cheats..gr8...but now an error had ocured...whenver I enter the FOUR DRAGON CASINO for mission i am attacked by the Blue Screen of Death. Here is the Screen Other games like The Godfather runs smooth but I am stuck in...
  5. happy17292

    graphic card for my mother board? {CHEAP}

    this is my motherboard * SYS config: celeron D 352MB RAM 40+60GB HDD IDE CD ROM DRIVE and i want to buy a cheap graphic card.i dont want extreme graphics but card should not show black screen or weired graphics. i want to play GTA san...
  6. P

    PS 2 Emulator for PC?

    Which is the best PS 2 emulator? where can i download it? i currently have VGS. Can it run all the games?? Can i play GTA San Andreas with any one? Are there PS 3 or Xbox emulators too??:D:D
  7. smasher

    GTA SA co-op??

    HEy i installed CHeatbook Database 2008 from digit dvd. I went through this cheat "grand thef auto san andreas hints" note that the cheatbook guy made a mistake and typed thef instead of theft not me. Ok back to my Question. I saw a hint mentioning that we can play 2 player in GTA San andreas. I...
  8. N

    Game Confusion

    My System Is Asus A8vvm Se +amd Athlon 3200+ +2gb Ddr Ram And In Built Igp Of S3 Deltachrome 256 Mb And Win Xp. I Want To Play Gta San Andreas Smoothly With Nice Visuals On My Existing Configuration. Can Anybody Help Me With Any Tricks And Tweaks?
  9. emailaatif786

    GTA: San Andreas

    I have something Problem with the GTA: San Andreas Game. It cannot run on my Computer. When I open it, EAX HD Logo, NVidia Logo, then San Andreas Menu comes BUT the Game Crashes. ERROR: Click On Attachment below to view Error Details What can be the Problem? My System Config: Intel P4...
  10. sourav

    Help! Gamepad settings for GTA San Andreas

    I am using a gamepad for 3 months(approx) i want to use it to play gta san andreas. i know how to change settings in the game. but not able to get correct key assigned. please help me in assigning keys. it has only 10 buttons excluding the direction one. in the right side keys are...
  11. GeekyBoy

    How come GTA San Andreas on my PC?

    About a year ago, I was running GTA san andreas and it ran fine.After that I did a BIOS update. Now when I start San Andreas, the screen after the "Nvidia" screen appears distorted. Then when I click, the GTA San Andreas screen shows up, but instead of loading the game, it crashes and sends me...
  12. GeekyBoy

    Will GTA San Andreas run ?

    Will GTA San Andreas run on an Pentium M 1.73 Ghz with 256 MB RAM and 915 graphics ?
  13. B

    GTA San Andreas Skip Missions

    Anyone can please tell me how to skip the missions in PC GTA SAN Andreas, i can't complete some missions so if anyone know it.
  14. ajaybc

    Download GTA San Andreas Hot coffee mod

    Download GTA San Andreas hot coffee mod from: *
  15. cynosure

    Rate these games for me!!

    Hi guys, Today I got some games but since Ive been out of this scenario for more than 2years, I want to play the most intresting games of the lot first and then the boring games, which I can miss on a regular basis ;) after going to college. Please arrange these in the most intresting first...
  16. S

    Graphics Problem With My

    I have pentium 4 2.66 ghz cpu, asus p5rd1-vm motherboard, 512 mb 400 mhz ddr ram, 80 gb seagate sata hdd with onboard 128 mb ati radeon xpress 200 graphics.... I have a problem with my first time my pc worked fine. It played the matrix path of neo, gta san andreas, nfs most wanted...
  17. bikdel

    gta san andreas cheat?

    hey i ve searched the whole WORLD for this n found nothing....... can you guys do one thing?...... can u find a cheat in GTA SA to disable car and bike radios.... cuz every time i get in a car my pc slows down...all settings have been kept to its lowest....... pls nothing other than a hack...
  18. thewisecrab


    HI guys my friend and i together bought GTA San andreas long time back. so we decided to share the DVD:) however it is rather cumbersome 4 me to wait and return the DVD every month:| I tried negotiating the time to week by week but it failed:mad: so can I use a soft that allows me to play the...
  19. morpheusv6

    Censored games

    Is there any way to block the f* and b* word in games like GTA San Andreas and Hitman Blood money?
  20. executioner

    What do u think?

    My config- processor p4 2Ghz mobo-845gvsr with onboard graphix ram -640mb ddr sd ram os-win xp sp2 which of these games wil run on my system(even at lowest settings) 1.Brothers in arm earned in blood 2.Most wanted 3.flatout 2 4.Hitman 4 5.San andreas 6.unreal tournament 2004...
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