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Censored games

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8 months ago i searched the a lot regarding a patch for GTA SA (for f word), but found nothing.

i guess @morpheusv6 doesnt want to play GTA SA with the room closed.

coz you cant play these games in front of your Family. NO WAY.

CJ screams f words, even when he/someone else hits his car.

my favoite CJ quotes-> Punk A$$ B1tch


that way no fun in playin. (with Head Phones)

turn ON Speakers + SUB Woofer & enjoy CJ's funny Dialogue's & the Awesome Radio Tracks. :D

Third Eye

gooby pls
morpheusv6 said:
Is there any way to block the f* and b* word in games like GTA San Andreas and Hitman Blood money?

There is no way to block offensive word in these games...


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Use headphones .. that will 'block' those sounds from getting in others ears but i dont think there is anything for blocking the video content.


I have the same problem like you especially in san anderes. Why the words like nigga and other bad words. Only my sis can understand those words and she was here when i was playing it. :p.


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Did u find any such bad word in Hitman:Blood money !!!!! Coz AFAIK Agent 47 is a serious guy and dont say such punk words.. I have played Bloodmoney but dont feel that he uses those words.. If there are any then post the situation/level!!
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