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HI guys
my friend and i together bought GTA San andreas long time back.
so we decided to share the DVD:)
however it is rather cumbersome 4 me to wait and return the DVD every month:|
I tried negotiating the time to week by week but it failed:mad:
so can I use a soft that allows me to play the game without the DVD?
Or do I need a Crack???:confused:
PS. I dont want to use a crack:D
All I'm asking is...i the crack an only way out or can i use another alternative????:D:D
I dont want to pay for the game and eventually use a crack:cool:
Plz help me


no harm in using NO-CD Patch if you've the original.:wink:

btw everyone (havin orig. game) use No-CD Patch to save the original Disk from getting scratched:p
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