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How come GTA San Andreas on my PC?

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About a year ago, I was running GTA san andreas and it ran fine.After that I did a BIOS update. Now when I start San Andreas, the screen after the "Nvidia" screen appears distorted. Then when I click, the GTA San Andreas screen shows up, but instead of loading the game, it crashes and sends me to the desktop showing an error message. How can I resolve this? (My config is in my signature).



quan chi

mortal kombat
most probably your user games files has got corrupted.
delete gta_sa.set file from my documents/gta san andreas user files./gta_sa.set.

and restart the game.

or find another gta_sa.set file from net and replace it with your file.


Try wat quan_chi told .. that might be the culprit.. :?
and.. One more thing... Please include only thumbnails of the pics and not the whole pic..


Gimme ur pc config.I might help with hardware compatibility issues after a bios update.
Edit: Sorry didn't see the signature.Looking at the specs of ur mobo on net.
Looked at the specs.Seems ur using the onboard geforce 6150/6100 graphics chipset.Maybe the bios update does not include a good video bios.If u saved ur earlier bios then u might consider reflashing.Be careful.And yes please test the save files too.
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