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What do u think?

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My config-
processor p4 2Ghz
mobo-845gvsr with onboard graphix
ram -640mb ddr sd ram
os-win xp sp2
which of these games wil run on my system(even at lowest settings)
1.Brothers in arm earned in blood
2.Most wanted
3.flatout 2
4.Hitman 4
5.San andreas
6.unreal tournament 2004
9.prince of persia TTT, WW and SoT
thanks in advance


Wise Old Owl
Which card do you have?
Assuming you have onboard. I am only considering those games which might run acceptably or whatever is possible for this system:

Most probably you don't have T&L, in that case you won't be able to run any of these games maybe except UT04 that too crap.
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