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PS 2 Emulator for PC?

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Noobness unleashed....
Which is the best PS 2 emulator? where can i download it? i currently have VGS.

Can it run all the games?? Can i play GTA San Andreas with any one?

Are there PS 3 or Xbox emulators too??:D:D


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of course,

there is a epsxe2,which can run ps2 games. But sorry that you can't run GTA san andreas, to be frank threre are only some games which are compatable with epsxe2.


Noobness unleashed....
You already asked this in QNA... reported.

sorry yar actually i was confused to put it in a particular section?

y r u using emulator for running GTASA as PC version is available for it?:confused:

to be honest yaar, my chipset is having pixelshader problems with this game , so i thot of an alternate way.

ok forget GTA SA.

i run tekken 3 using VGS emulator.
is there any emulator for tekken 5 ???
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