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gta san andreas

420 santosh

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Hey guys how to increase the resolution of gta san andreas to 1600*900 pixels..there is no built in option to increase the resolution to so many pixels.. :-o is there any crack fix or any runtime software required for that as in most wanted and carbon


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first off, you don't need a (rack to increase resolution. Launch GTA san andreas.... In main menu or in Pause menu, go to Options->Advanced->Resolution and change the resolution with left and right arrow keys and hit enter :)

420 santosh

Broken In
thats wat in that option max resolution is 1280*1024..but it does not increase to 1600*900..the same happens in most wanted..but i got a resolution increaser software(run time) for that...is there anything similar like that for gta is my Q..???


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You need to patch it to V1.01 and this should enable widescreen resolutions in your graphics menu. I don't think it has 1600x900, but it does have 1680x1050.
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