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GTA: San Andreas

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I have something Problem with the GTA: San Andreas Game. It cannot run on my Computer. When I open it, EAX HD Logo, NVidia Logo, then San Andreas Menu comes BUT the Game Crashes.

Click On Attachment below to view Error Details

What can be the Problem?

My System Config:
Intel P4 2.8
Intel 865GBF
NVidia 256Mb FX5200 AGP
DYnet DDR1 512+512 RAM
Seagate 80GB PATA
SoundMax AC'97


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Didn't understand much of that error.Can u post a screenshot of the error message?
For the moment,try running the game by right-clicking the desktop shortcut and selecting "Run as..."


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Wow,The game messes up your PC quite badly..Did you try the "Run as.." thingy.You can try running the game in compatibility mode for Win2000.I assume you have tried all the common things like re-installing the game,deleting gta_sa.set file,updating all drivers etc. etc. etc....


this problem was solved in my case , when i bought Pirated original DVD for rs. 270/- it was problem of damn windows XP SP1

in SP2 it is running fine


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i have experienced this with the pirated version of this one. i installed in on my computer, it did happen as it happened with u. after 3-4 times running this and playing with the compatibility tab in the properties of it. And it worked.

ya i forgot to mention.

once i had installed win xp (fresh) my computer and after installing gta:SA, it didn't run (like yours) and i did also all things many times i said above.

but after formatting and reinstalling it worked without any problem.

Anyway! do a 30 mins long worship then sit and try all have said here.

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