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    San Andreas Patch

    Does anyone of you have the new gta san andreas 1.01 patch.if so,does it correct the frame limiter and set it to 30 fps instead of the 25 fps initially.
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    any info wats after GTA: san andreas i mean the next sequel

    any info wats after GTA: san andreas i mean the next sequel i just finished GTA : sa i ma dyin for a next one
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    How to open parachute in San Andreas?

    all guides talk of analog sticks & circles. Nobody mentions what keys to press on PC. Is there any PC specific guide for San Andreas? How to open the damn parachute? Which keys to press? please help...
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    GTA San andreas mission help

    Hi there....i am again stuck on two of the missions in san andreas...one is with ZERO( the mission where u have to fly the RC plane and destroy 3 vans) and the other is with Toreeno ( the one where u hve to learn to fly)...i SUCK at flying....please can anyone pass these mission for me...
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    Just got GTA - SAN ANDREAS PC game! Its just too cool to play it. After finishing off the earlier versions of it I couldnt hold myself to get hands on thin one! Playing it for hours now! Well I just thought of dedicating this thread for it! I am a die hard GTA fan BTW! Hey chk out this...
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    GTA san andreas and gfx 5200

    hey ive just got my copy of gta san andreas but it isnt showing anything on my gfx 5200 128 MB RAM. is it not compatible???
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    san andreas quest

    when is the darn game going to be available.. waiting for it damn long....
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    San Andreas ............when is the pc release??

    anyone knows the release date for the PC version of San Andreas?? whats the best config for this game...........how will it run on AMD 2800+, MSI K8t neo (motherboard), Nvedia 5700 le 128mb GFX CARD and 512 Mb ram??
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    Gta San Andreas

    I love GTA series.Here is the review for their latest title currently available for PS2 only.Check below for PC version release details. ESRB ~ Mature 17+ Players ~ 1-2 (no online multiplayer) Publisher ~ Rockstar Games (Parent Company TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE) Developer ~ Rockstar North...
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