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  1. urvish_acharya

    Cheat Code For San Andreas.

    to protect from police v had chit "leave me alone"in vice city...any for san andreas??
  2. evil_maverick

    stuck in gta san andreas!!

    hello ppl, am stuck in the flying school mission of gta san andreas!! can any body plz help me out by givin me the save game for that mission?? .....
  3. Holy_fat_man

    Problem With San Andreas.

    Hey ppl, San andreas gives this message after the the line -"Francis intl Airport,liberty city, 1992" Runtime error! Program c:\program files\Rockstar games\GTA SA\gta_sa.exe This application has requeted the runtime to terminate it in a unusual way. Please contact the application's...
  4. GeekyBoy

    Asus A8n-vm

    Hey Guys What is the overall performance and gaming performance of the ASUS A8N VM motherboard?Can I play games like GTA San Andreas on it? How can I enable dual channel mode on this motherboard?
  5. T

    GTA San Andreas frame limiter

    Is there a way to increase san andreas frame limiter in v1.01 of the game. I wonder why they set it to 25 fps in the first place. Do help if you know the way.Remember in v1.01 of the game,not the original.
  6. ashfame

    nfsmw / gta san andreas

    My PC config. P4 2.8Ghz with 256MB DDR RAM and hav a PCI slot (not PCI-E) I know i can play nfsmw with it but i can't play gta san andreas i know that on my moytherboard there is 64MB video ram. Now I wish to buy a graphics card for playing the above games with real eye candy but i hav a...
  7. S

    gta san andreas

    when i save a mission in gta san andreas it doesnt save and shows it has got corrupted.and when i download a save file from the net and instal in to the directory and when i try to load that stage it shows that specific slot has got corrupted.i tried reinstalling.what should i do?
  8. S


  9. d00by

    The top 3 PS2 games ever?

    I just bought PS2 along with a few games GTA san andreas God of war wwf 2006 pop warior within james bond game Of the above I only liked GTA san andreas and god of war. The problem with these 2 games are that they are either too hard or I just keep going in circles. Can you...
  10. deepak.krishnan

    GTA San Andreas

    Hello friends Please give me the cheats of GTA San Andreas.
  11. T

    SAN ANDREAS HELP !!! Urgent

    Can someone tell me which stores keeps San Andreas for the pc.Say,in Mumbai,Bangalore etc ? Please Help !!! If somebody has bought it (original version) tell me where to get it from.My first priority would be Mumbai.Also give the address. Thank you.
  12. J

    Stuck in GTA San Andreas

    I am stuck on the flight school missions in GTA San Andreas :( I tried them a lot but find these missions very tough. I managed to pass 2 out of 10 flight school missions. Could anyone help me pass just the flight school missions? You can find my GTA San Andreas User Files at...
  13. yrana2002

    San Andreas sound

    I've got a problem. I've just got GTA San Andreas and have started playing it. However, when the cutscenes are shown there is no sound at all, the characters just murmur something. When it gets over, the sound starts again. Also, there is no radio music as when it is switched on, there is a...
  14. N

    Rockstar giving major Updates

    Rockstar is planning big things for October - Let's see what are they: 1. GTA Liberty City Stories Website Update and Multiplayer Game Section You can finally stop playing with yourself – and face off against other PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system owners with a selection of...
  15. J

    GTA San Andreas Banned in India?

    Hi, Where did u guys get GTA San Andreas, I searched many shops in Chennai. They say they dont have the game and will not sell it, Please I need this game. I am a great GTA Fan, Please tell me where to get this game :cry:
  16. G


    I don't kno why, but my mouse doesn't function in any of the GTA games(Vice city and San Andreas). My mouse works fine in all other games. The game runs on my system smoothly, just the mouse doesn't work. I have activated mouse navigation and mouse controls frm within the game, but still it...
  17. F

    San Andreas help me .

    Anybody knows how to change language to english ( PC Edition ) Any language pack? Currently i have in I dont know in which lang it is . :?
  18. A

    GTA San Andreas DVD conversion

    I hope im posting in the right section. I wanted to know I know a original DVD of GTA San Andreas and wanted to convert into CD form so that i can install it on PCs not having DVD drives. Someone plz help me.
  19. adit_sen

    GTA: San Andreas help...

    i have done a full install of gta san andreas from the game dvd. now whenever i run the game, i am barely 3 seconds into it and the game exits!! i get an error saying "gta_sa.exe has encountered an error and now needs to close"!!! i am running winxp sp2 with 256mb of ram on an intel celeron M...
  20. A

    San andreas saved files

    hi this a link for all san andreas saved files for people stuvk in certain missions and those looking for 100% completion. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=3d0274be6a3871730b49d7d5226b4b82&showtopic=205856 link courtesy gtaforums
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