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Graphics Problem With My Pc..help

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I have pentium 4 2.66 ghz cpu, asus p5rd1-vm motherboard, 512 mb 400 mhz ddr ram, 80 gb seagate sata hdd with onboard 128 mb ati radeon xpress 200 graphics....

I have a problem with my graphics...at first time my pc worked fine. It played the matrix path of neo, gta san andreas, nfs most wanted smoothly (>25 fps) with medium settings.. But right now it gives very poor performance (<5 fps) while playing those games mentioned before.

I have formatted my hard disk, updated my graphics driver....but the problem persists.....what is the solution??.....

And it should be metioned that the windows vista performance rating was 2.0....but now its 1.8

help me!! :(
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