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Zone Alarm required after WIN XP SP2

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Hi! Guys, formerly, I used only WIN XP HOME and for a secuirty firewall, I used ZoneAlarm.. But, after I hve installed SP2 on my WIN XP HOME with its own firewall, do I need to keep Zone Alarm? I hve uninstalled it and am currently using the WINDOWS FIREWALL.. I update my comp. regularly.. Is Zone Alarm necessary now ?? :?:


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The windows firewall is not strong enough I personaly have disabled the windows firewall and am using Zone Alarm. I think zone alarm is better and more trusted than the windows firewall.


Both work quite differently.I would say it would depend on your requirement.
If you have a fair knowledge about what goes at the application level & have full control over applications that are running on your then the sp2 firewall should suffice your needs.
But in case apart from the inbound protection you need outbound protection(protection from apps trying to access or connect to the outside world. ie the internet then you are better off with a more robust firewall like zone alarm which offers both ie inbound as well as outbound protection.
SP2 firewall lacks in this regard since it offers only inbound protection.
Hope this helps.


Better Go for it .

XPSP2 firewall is not very strong and it can have loop holes in it .

Zone alarm is strong and offers 100% protetion
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