1. Randy_Marsh


    Amd vega vs nVIDIA 20 series! I know its not out yet, there are no solid information about it yet, but I am opening this thread because I am getting excited with its day to day increased Hype! I currently have a 1060GTX, which I need to give [ahem ahem..return] it to my brother this weekend...
  2. G

    Lost mi piston2 want new1 under 1.5k

    M looking for new iem....lost my mi piston2... Was so happy with the performance of mi piston2 bass sound everything is damm awsm...now i want 1 step ahead of mi piston2....heard lot more about piston v3 also sony xb30, soundmagic es18s, cowon em1, sennheiser cx series, tekfusion twinforce...
  3. alex00888

    Completed 10+2 .... Dunno what to do ahead! Totally confused !

    Hey guys! Iam from j&k. I recently completed my 10+2. And now I've no idea what to do ahead. I would love to go for BCA but there so much syllabus of mathematics in it and i am very dull in maths. I am currently learning C(3month course) and don't have much knowledge about programming. Are...
  4. TheHumanBot

    Post Online Money Making, Internet Marketing, Adsense queries here

    recently have noticed many threads on this topics so if you have any questions, queries go ahead and post it here and i will answer them. :-D
  5. S

    SSD: To buy or not to buy?

    My current laptop config: Dell Studio XPS 1640 Win 8 2.5 ghz dual core 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd Amd Radeon 4670 1gb My question: I'm planning to install an SSD + hdd combo using this guide: http://forum.notebookreview.com/dell-xps-studio-xps/463375-heres-how-add-2nd-hdd-xps-1647-pics-inside.html The...
  6. amjath

    EA: PS4, XBox One Are a 'Generation Ahead' of Gaming PCs

    EA: PS4, XBox One Are a 'Generation Ahead' of Gaming PCs I don't know what's got into this guy, these consoles makers probably given him so much money to make a statement like this. I'm heartbroken as soon as read the title
  7. gohan89

    Want to buy Nexus 7 for long term use!!!

    I want to buy the Nexus 7 keeping in mind the following: 1) Mainly lots of reading of e-books for academic purposes as it is not feasible to print so much or read on the computer for long.. 2) Playing latest HD games and watching movies without any lag. 3) Availability of latest Android OS...
  8. RCuber

    PS4 Announcement on 20th Feb?

    Looks like Sony would be announcing PS4 way ahead of Microsoft.. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8McMG_Q0d-E
  9. G

    Galaxy note 2.. Pls help me.. Shd i wait for 2 mnts or go ahead..suggest reliable online retailers

    Hi friends, planning to buy samsung galaxy note 2. it has just started retailing at around 38,990 now... should i wait for couple of months.. or should i go ahead.. can u pls suggest some reliable online retaliers where I can get it for cheaper price... pls help me with this..
  10. M

    Samsung 3D TV technology

    The new Samsung Smart TV is the best technology-driven device that I have seen. With voice and face recognition, it is miles ahead of its counterparts like LG and Panasonic. Does anyone disagree?
  11. amjath

    Michael Phelps leads India in his medal haul

    Its a great honor to congratulate Michael Phelps. If Michael Phelps were a country, how would his medal haul compare? | Sport | guardian.co.uk ^ Scroll down to see the data summary.
  12. mohityadavx

    Black Screen Laptop Not Working

    Well my friend has got a LENOVO laptop and while he was surfing net it suddenly got restarted on its own, then there was blackout and nothing ahead. I tried to boot via CD/DVD/Flash drive all in vain. The BIOS is still responding though. When i try to go ahead in boot selection menu It...
  13. G

    2012 - Can Nokia Win The Smartphone Wars ?

    I have been reading on some of the new technologies implemented in mobiles this year and i think 2012 will be very interesting in terms of the kind of stuff our phones will be able to do. Above all after using Windows Phone , i feel that Nokia has a solid chance of making a comeback. It is...
  14. ajayritik

    40" LED TV for under 70k

    I'm planning to purchase LED TV 40". Want to hear from you guys which is the best model/brand available. I also find that Sony, Panasonic and Samsung in that order top wrt quality of the picture etc. I was thinking about going ahead with Sony but heard it doesnt support MKV format. I'm...
  15. Anorion

    By Demand [October 2009]

    The preview will be put up towards the end of this month, but go ahead with the demands. Please don't repeat anything asked in the past few months.
  16. ironfreak

    subtitles run ahead of video :(

    I downloaded TV serial 24. They are avi files each around 370mb compressed using Divx. But when I drag the subtitle file, the text runs ahead of video by 10-20 seconds. I tried subtitle files (.srt) from 7 different websites and same happens every time. Please help me. Whats the solution to this...
  17. victor_rambo

    How is my wordpress theme?

    Hi guyz, How is my theme? Its a simplistic, image-less theme derived from one of Andeas Viklund's theme. Should I go ahead and put it for download? url: http://www.w3hobbyist.com Note, its quite green btw!
  18. R

    Should I go ahead with hosting?

    Hi guys, I am about to buy web hosting for my development works. I searched this forum but couldnt select any host. My approximate requirements is 1 GB space bandwidth 5GB/MONTH asp.net 2.0 with ms sql (must) ,ajax support pop3 email support I found package of QUICK2HOST suitable...
  19. S

    Intel Board + Proc for sale

    HI All Got an intel mobo and processor for sale, Intel Original D865GBF Board P4 12.4 GHz, 1 MB Cache, 533 MHzGo ahead and make an offer. Chennai buyers preferred. :cool:
  20. nvidia

    Publish yourself as genious!!!

    Hi, Here is something that i'd lke to share with all digit forum members:D You can actually fool your friends(all those dumb ones) saying that you have a site in your name!! All you need to do is type www.<yourname>.<your surname>.youaremighty.com Example : www.nvidia.8800.youaremighty.com...
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