Completed 10+2 .... Dunno what to do ahead! Totally confused !


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Hey guys!
Iam from j&k. I recently completed my 10+2. And now I've no idea what to do ahead. I would love to go for BCA but there so much syllabus of mathematics in it and i am very dull in maths. I am currently learning C(3month course) and don't have much knowledge about programming.
Are there any computer courses that does not include mathematics and have a good job placement ?


Logic =/= Mathematics, they go hand in hand but learning programming languages (atleast for the majourity bulk) has no relation to how good you are in mathematics..
That being said, completing that C tutorial is vital as C will be taught in btech (if you are going for it) and subsequently java and other languages..
If you have just completed 10+2 recently, id recommend getting inside a good college first with preferred stream (CSE/Mech/Electrical my order of preference)


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Explore yourself is the first thing I would recommend. You will find mathematics in almost all the courses so first of all find out your weaknesses and strengths. After deciding your preferences get yourself enrolled in the course. I would recommend you to go for HTML and PHP when you get done with C and C++ bcz in Today's online world they would help you a lot.


You should not worry about mathematics in higher degrees, unless it's a degree in mathematics that you are after. The maths in BCA would be really applied and practically used for real-world situations, you will find it easier to deal with than the basic mathematics of 11th and 12th (after the first year, anyway). I was like you, I attended remedial after remedial in mathematics in school, barely passed maths (but was otherwise good). I still managed to get through 4 years of engineering which had six semesters of advanced you don't have to be an ace unless you are doing the BSc in mathematics and statistics. If you have interest in the topics you will put effort to get past that which you find difficult, so do not worry too much about it. :)
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