1. Cyberghost

    Equal Wages for all people in India Agree or Not?

    Do you agree in setting equal wages for all people in India. For example an IAS officer will have to get the same salary that of a class 4 officer. I think it will reduce corruption,crime etc.
  2. Zangetsu

    How much is too much for a smartphone?

    Do u agree on this :?: Read: Round Table: How much is too much for a smartphone?
  3. nginx

    Husbands need to pay salary to wives?

    The central government's proposal to introduce a law, which, if passed, would mandate every man to part with a portion of his salary income as salary to his wife. Do you agree with this? I personally think its outrageous. Complete Story...
  4. I

    HTC One V or HTC Desire HD

    Hi, Im getting HTC Desire HD one year old bt in mint condition with exchange with my HTC One V 3months with Bill. I just have to pay 500INR on top of it. Pls help me should I agree with the deal and take Desire HD or stick with my One V only :p
  5. justme101

    26" LED or LCD TV required at the earliest!!!

    So our 13.5 years old TV caught a cold and is as good as dead because it's components are not available in the market easily and duplicate ones last only a week. So i finally got my dad to kind of agree to buy a new tv. Now i can research for days and look out for the best option but time is of...
  6. M

    Lets get your opinion about Nikon FM10...

    So,Nikon has this 35mm SLR camera... FM10.It retalis for Rs 21,950.Now my question is why it is there?What is the reason for its existence???I mean in this era where the market is flooded with digital cameras that offers so much features for so little price why does it at all exist.Nowadays...
  7. S

    Goverment may discontinued Aakash tablet, defects found

    Link Agree that its cheapest tab but quality does matter....
  8. Zangetsu

    MBA queries???

    Most of the people say only Full time MBA has value & other MBA programs have no value (e.x: Correspondence,E-MBA,Part-time) how much do u agree on this?
  9. E

    Your take on Symbian?

    Hi, I have been a Symbian device user since 2005 and have never looked back since then. Currently the state of Symbian is not well perceived. There is lot of negative press related to Symbian. I would agree that there are inherent flaws in the user experience, but still there are positives as...
  10. K

    Glass Onion

    A developer borrowing words from 'The Beatles' to name his VS has aesthetic sense. And a good one. Many agree it is the best till today.
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Need For Speed Series To Be Discontinued

    Hi Everyone , As the thread title says it all , one of the best game series ever made will be coming to an end ! :( Source Link EA Guys will be termed as big losers if they really discontinue this .... I agree failures have taken a huge toll on the company but , the solution doesn't lie in...
  12. dhanusaud

    Power Consumption

    Guys, lemme know how much power is consumed by PC? Is it less then TV (not LCDTV)? i have a discussion with F***ING tv repairer here.:( He says computer consumes more than tv but I am not agree with him.:p
  13. neelu09

    ICC double stansards???

    Ishant sharma was fined for showing symmonds way back to pavilion. WTF. this is not fair. Replays clearly showed that symmonds started it yet again. But he was not fined. THIS IS ENOUGH. Do you agree ? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:
  14. chicha

    song sung backwards!!!

    there are so many songs which "ppl" say have totally diff meaning if they are sung backwards. hotel california, to name a few. what is all this? any one here agree. please shed some light on this. i am really intrested in stuff like these. starcase to heaven sung backwards
  15. max_demon

    Microsoft Surface is coming!!

    Microsoft Surface I actually thought it was a pretty cool concept when i saw it, but i kind of agree with the premise of this video. :D:D:D:D Hope We Will buy one!!
  16. G

    Your Views On North East India

    :mad:Hi friends I want your views on north-east India. Don't you think it is always lacking behind in every sector. i.e. Economy, Technology etc etc. Even All Mobile services are not there except BSNL, Airtel, Relience & Aircel. And also don't you agree that noth-eastern people are sometimes...
  17. M

    Do You Agree With Sc Decision ?

    hi ppl sc has decided to hang corrupt officials . do u agree with decision ? or you have an alternate punishment?
  18. M


    DOES anybuddy know when the above game will arrive i n india?Last week when i went to heera panna i asked for ut 2004 the shop owner said it is out of stock and next installment ie ut 2007 will arrive next month or so. :shock: .Do u guyz agree with him?
  19. A

    msi messed it up

    msi new board has mssed it up read this link looks bad it seems msi has agree to replace all the board for us customers
  20. zombie

    Mac corner

    Hi guys, any Mac users/fans around here. If yes, then you are at the right place. I had been using PCs for a good part of my life. But once I was introduced to Mac, I radically changed the concept of computing for me. All those who have been lucky enough to use the Mac will agree with me. So...
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