1. J

    Cortana in windows 10

    Windows 10 is launched, and free upgrades have been rolled out across the globe. A bunch of new, cool features included in the latest iteration of Microsoft’s classic operating system, but one that really sticks out, apart from DirectX 12, is Cortana – your personal AI-assistant of sorts...
  2. TechnoBOY

    activated idea facebook pack by mistake

    hello i just activated my facebook messenger pack for idea by mistake my 31 rs i gone i called cc and they told to dial *800*25# i dialed and the itz deactivated but my money was not refunded :-?:-x is there any way to get back my money
  3. A

    Unable to Purchase from PSN Store

    Hello guys I have a ps3 and i recently bought ps4 the problem is that with my new ps4 a 14 day ps plus subscription came which i activated using my axis bank debit card and the card was accepted now the problem is that whatever i am trying to purchase from the store or i am trying to add funds...
  4. D

    Pre Activated SIM sold without ID proof

    Hi everyone, its been long time posted in digit. Today I went to buy new prepaid mobile (GSM) connection. The retailer (not showroom), gave me some numbers and when I asked when it will get activated, he said these are already activated. (He didn't even want my photo or id proof) I told him...
  5. R

    Sony Tipo Dual- Network problem

    Recently i bought a Sony Tipo Dual Sim Android Phone. I had only one sim (airtel) in use at that time. Day before yesterday i bought a new sim (airtel), which took two days to get activated. Till these two days i could use my old sim for making calls and sms, but today as my new sim got...
  6. V

    BB messenger not working on loop mobile - Please help

    Hi I activated my BB messenger plan on loop mobile 2 days back. Money got cut from my account however i am not able to access the service. I can use my internet but cannot use BBM. All invites i sent out remains in pending status Loop mobile service center says they have activated the...
  7. ankit.kumar010203

    Is Avira's Antivirus gives a good security as quick heal?

    I Have Activated Quick Heal Total Security 2012 And It Cost Me Above RS1,000:-(.My Friends are Saying me a big fool Because I Bought such antivirus.....:-(:-( They are using avira internet security for free,They Told Me To Use The Same....and they have also activated avira for 10 year by using...
  8. RBX

    How to tackle the unruly Mobile Operators ?

    Every now and then random packs keep getting activated on my number, and those of the members of my family. Another one got activated today and when I tried reaching customer care representative after meddling with all the menus -- you can't connect - because you don't have enough balance :(
  9. MegaMind

    Reinstalling GTA 4 problemo.

    Hey guys, as you know my HDD was corrupt recently and i had to re-install windows.. Now the problem is, I installed GTA 4 release date check failed so i tried manual activation & it was activated. When i run GTA 4, again i get release date failure & i can't activate it manually.. I even tried...
  10. D

    Samsung Galaxy S2 no 3G connection

    Hi all, I have a S2 which I have used to connect to the net using 3G(When I wan in Ahmedabad and Gingerbread OS) and than I updated to ICS using Odin. But now that I have moved to Gurgaon I have brought a new sim(Vodafone), I have activated the 109/- plan that gives a 300 MB of 3G usage...
  11. B

    Emergency PHP Script Need Help Adding Feature

    Okay, I have a emergency dispatching script and I implemented a "Emergency" feature, the emergency feature allows a company to hit the emergency button if they are in distress. The dispatcher and I have ran through multiple test, sometimes even random test. And during the random test the...
  12. P

    AIRCEL blocking Opera Mini or what?

    i have Aircel with pocket internet activated from last week i am not able to browse using Opera Mini but able to browse using default browser Phone is Nokia 6300 when i put Airtel with Mobile Office activated, i am able to browse perfectly using Opera Mini does Aircel block Opera Mini or...
  13. K

    Any BSNL GPRS user here from north??

    Hi, I got BSNL prepaid plan (Rs 193 recharge) activated on my phone but not able to use it on my PC. I am facing this problem since gprs settings got changed from bsnlgprs to bsnlnet (1 or 2 months ago). And please dont suggest me to call customer care, it took me 15 mins to make them understand...
  14. desiibond

    1Mbps baby!!!!

    Finally, 1Mbps is activated :)
  15. Cool G5

    Beware Airtel Mobile Office Users

    Those of you using Airtel Mobile Office service at Rs.15/day, do not deactivate the service. Deactivating & reactivating it will put you under new Airtel Mobile Office Subscription service which costs Rs.25/day. Yes that's right Rs.25. Also incase you do not have any GPRS service activated on...
  16. heartripple

    Windows XP is not beaing activated

    I have genuine windows XP with SP2. Now I have 1 problem with this XP. Last week I have reinstalled it and after that I am trying to activate but it isn't activated. What would be the problem?:confused::confused:
  17. Davidboon

    is my broadband plan activated ( changed )

    well i had submitted an application on 4/7/08 i.e.. last month, today i noticed that in my portal page my plan appears to be changed Orderid -------------xxxxxxx Order ---------------Type Plan Change...
  18. Plasma_Snake

    GPRs On Motorola L7

    How can I connect to the internet using my phone, L7. I've recently got Airtel's GPRS connection activated on it.
  19. IllegalUser

    Help me guys !!

    Hii guys, i need your help. One of my friend activated some service in my cell phone and i am recieveing sms like hell. he sms ACTto this number 094992222223 and thus the service got activated. If any of the fellow digitians know how to deactive this service.. please help me out. Looking...
  20. sg1

    registering xp after the event !!

    I had to re activate my girlfriends GENUINE version of XP home today, because it gave me the "there had been a significant hardware change on the system" screen:confused: I/we have not made any changes since yesterday when everything was fine, so I guessed maybe VIRUS but none found. Then...
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