activated idea facebook pack by mistake


hello i just activated my facebook messenger pack for idea by mistake my 31 rs i gone i called cc and they told to dial *800*25# i dialed and the itz deactivated but my money was not refunded :-?:-x
is there any way to get back my money
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its very hard to get it back..there is a slight possibility as you have immediately deactivated the services..They'll just say they've filed your request for compensation, but you'll most probably never recover those Rs31.. ( unless luck favours you.)


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You can only get a lesson as a recovery. Just be vigilant of pressing random strokes on the keyboard or taps on touch screen phones.

Also, you can try requesting Airtel or even trying to say you want to discontinue your number. They *might* heed to your request if you do so to retain customer.


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Just 31 rupees. -.-
I once lost 99 rupees due to some talkies thing on airtel. Stupid Airtel.


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They should really stop giving these lame services. Recently my little cousin activated a hell lot of these services on my mobile. Dunno how. :/
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