1. Desmond

    Raspberry Pi 3 released, has 64-bit processor, built-in bluetooth and Wifi.

    Source: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-3-on-sale/
  2. patkim

    some queries abt UEFI

    Am bit confused about UEFI and Windows Install and have some noob questions. Did some reading on net but it only adds to confusion! If I wish to build a PC that has UEFI, do we get mobos that have UEFI instead of BIOS Various mobo vendors that use terms like 3D BIOS, Click 4 BIOS etc are...
  3. A

    My First Build - Please Help

    Hi Guys, This is my first ever PC build. I wanted this for development work (i.e. .NET/ASP, CAD related - AutoCAD 2015) and gaming. I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer and expect 60fps @1080p resolution on 24' Monitor. Here is my proposed build, please suggest improvements and tell me...
  4. theserpent

    Nokia N1 android tablet

    This is N1, Nokia’s new Android tablet! AND NOKIA IS BACKKK
  5. R

    Google in talks with Mediatek for a 100 $ Nexus with 64 bit Cpu

    Recently, a rumor surfaced saying that Google would be pushing its Nexus program to the limit with the Nexus 6 and aiming for a sub-$100 unlocked price point, rather than the $300 flagship segment. Part of getting the device cost down would be in using a MediaTek processor, and now we're getting...
  6. R

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with A MASSSSIVE GPU

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with AN INSANE GPU MALI T760 - 326 GFLOPs At MWC 2014, Taiwanese silicone slinger MediaTek announced one of expected two 64-bit LTE chipsets for mobile devices. It's the quad-core MT6732, a competitor to Qualcomm's 64-bit Snapdragon 410 in the "super-mid...
  7. vickybat

    Qualcomm Is Working on Eight-Core 64-Bit System-on-Chip

    Qualcomm Is Working on Eight-Core 64-Bit System-on-Chip Man, Qualcomm is on a killing spree, one SoC after the other. These will undoubtedly be found in the highest end phones. Power consumption might be a factor here. Let's see how Nvidia's solution fares in the first place.
  8. nisargshah95

    Do 64-bit systems consume more RAM compared to 32-bit?

    I know this is a noob question but I'm not getting a clear answers anywhere else. Can someone clear it out for me whether 64-bit operating systems consume more RAM compared to 32-bit systems? I have a laptop with 2 GB RAM. I want it to be able to run Ubuntu as well as Virtualbox. So far I have...
  9. B

    Watchdogs PC Specs!! :O

    WTF ?? Leaked Watch Dogs PC specifications state 64-bit OS requirement - GameSpot.com :((
  10. T

    Running 64-bit Windows

    So, can I run 64-bit Windows 7 on this machine? It was shipped with only 32-bit Vista so I am not sure if Dell would provide me 64-bit drivers or whether Windows' default drivers would run. And also I want to know whether its worth running 64-bit windows?
  11. lakeport

    The Alternative Browser thread

    Well most of the people know only a few web browsers. The most popular browsers i've heard of are the usual chrome/FF/opera. So i've decided to compile a list of alternative browsers that i've used. Feel free to add your own. If i am unable to update this thread for some reason, i request the...
  12. K

    Software support for 64-bit Architecture ?

    Does 32-bit software support on 64-bit architecture ??
  13. M

    Windows 8 System Builder 64 Bit DVD.

    I want to purchase a genuine copy of Windows 8 System Builder 64-Bit DVD.My questions are- a) My local HP dealer (Delhi) is confusing it with Windows 8 64-Bit Pro,which is available for Rs.12,000/-. He refuses to acknowledge that a plain Jane version of 8 exists. b)theitdepot.com has it for...
  14. digitaltab

    What will be good for me: 32-bit OR 64-bit OS?

    Hi all, I want to know what is the practical advantage of 64-bit over 32-bit, and Are 64-bit OS and apps require more RAM ? I hav 3 GB ram and specs as shown in my signature, should i go for a 64-bit OS? Will the games (MAX PAYNE 3 , BF3, etc.) run as smooth as they run now on my 32-bit OS...
  15. A

    using virtual box

    Can anyone tell me about intel vt-x and how to enable it? I tried to install "win-8 consumer preview" in virtual box but it said vt-x is enabled but not operational. The OS might not detect 64-bit environment. How to resolve this problem? My laptop specs:: sony vaio VPCEH28FN win 7 HP...
  16. A

    Can this run 64-bit os

    I will upgrade to 8 gb of ram ddr3 because i need to play latest games.These are are specs. processor-core 2 duo e7500@2.93ghz hdd-500gb seagate ram-2gb currently upgarde to 8 gb in few days graphic card-nvidia geforce zotac gtx 550ti can i upgrade to 64-bit os with these...
  17. Sujeet

    The Windows 8 Thread

    The Next "Big Thing" in Windows Line Up of OS is Here-Windows 8. Windows 8 Microsoft is calling it as a rebirth of their Existence, with inception of Windows 8. Windows 8 is first Windows OS which has been designed to run on both ARM and X86 Machines. Windows-On-Arm aka Windows RT is...
  18. anandharaja

    How to build 64-bit application using VS c++ 2008 express?

    hi, i like to build blender for 32 and 64-bit versions, but i successfully build 32-bit version. how can i build 64-bit version of blender.
  19. R

    UPDATED: Media Playback

    Hello this is my first thread in the forum so I didn't know where to post.. anyway here it is..:? MEDIA PLAYBACK ( MAINLY FOR VIDEO ) ------------------------------------------------ Playing media files can be cumbersome, with confusing collection of codecs, filters and what not... so...
  20. amrit1

    transferring files from old to new

    i am gonna buy a new laptop which will have a win7 home basic 64-bit installed, and right now i have a win vista home premium 32-bit laptop. I want to know that how can i transfer my files and folders from the old PC (vista HP 32-bit) to the new one (win7 HB 64-bit)? I have been searching...
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