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  1. R

    Help! On GPU!

    Current Config Biostar N68S Amd Phenom 8650 pro 2 GB DDR2. 667Mhz Hynix ram Corsiar CX 500w Which GPU can i opt for, my budget's 4000 bucks.
  2. I

    SMPS help

    which smps should i get VIP 600W SMPS | Buy SMPS in Mumbai | Best SMPS OR FSP Saga II 500W Power Supply I have a Saphire 5770 Vapor-X and Intel Core2duo E4500 @ 2.20 GHz and yea how about this Corsair 500W CX PSU 5x SATA 2x PCI-Express so out of these 3 which 1 should i get ?
  3. saswat23

    PSU selection

    Plz help me select a good psu among the three. 1. FSP SAGAII 500W 2. Corsair CX 400W 3. Tagan StoneRock 500W I will be adding a HD 6850 later. So which will be a better choice. If possible i would like to go with the cheapest one as i am really low on budget. What are the warranty of...
  4. ashis_lakra

    Questions on FSP Saga II 500W

    I was going to buy Corsair VX450 from SMC international, but today, i discovered that it wasnt present on the list. so, i m going for FSP Saga II 500W powersupply. Is it reliable enough to power my system without problems ? I use HD 5770 as my GPU.
  5. M

    zebronics platinum series 500w

    1. *Model number and details: zebronics platinum series 500w 2. Date of purchase: 29/12/2009 3. Reason for sale: upgraded to tx650 4. Warranty details: 21 months. no bill (RMA without bill) 5. *Expected Price: 950 6. *Location of Seller: hyderabad PM me if interested bump guys
  6. saz

    Info needed about Tacens Supero 500w PSU

    Hi All, Recently last week I got my new rig from SMC, I was looking for Corsair cx 400w or vx 450. But it was not available at the store and when I asked for FSP Saga II 500w they gave me Tacens Supero 500w. Are these two PSU same? If not, then is Tacens Supero 500w good enough to support...
  7. rohitshakti2

    Corsair CX 430w or FSP SagaII 500W?

    Is Corsair Builder Series CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W ATX12V Active PFC Power Supply [CMPSU-430CX] better than FSP Saga II 500W and is it 80% certified? I am going for the following configration: Pro - AMD X4 640 MOBO - GIgabyte 880GM - UD3H HDD- 1 TB Seagate or WD Blue DVD - LG 22X Monitor...
  8. T

    Need a UPS that can supply upto 500W

    Hi guys, I recently installed a MSI Geforce 560Ti TwinFrozr-II card. My rig uses a Corsair VX450W as the PSU. Now, when I'm doing some intensive gaming and the GPU gets worked up , my UPS starts beeping like crazy! Alt-Tabbing back to the desktop slows down the GPU and the UPS stops beeping...
  9. sid_sh85

    PSU Query

    Hi guys..I bought my parents a decent config comprising of AMD X4 640_GIGABYTE 880GM-UD2H_4GBDDR3_HDD 500+250GB_CM ELITE 310 Now i decided to plug in my old VIP GOLD 500w SMPS...But the MOBO Demands a 8 pin connector against the VIP`s 4pin.. So Can u guys suggest a decent PSU Under 2.5-3k In...
  10. saswat23

    Good PC PSUs under Rs.2500.

    I want a good PSU for my PC with the following config: Intel i3-540 4gb RAM 500gb hdd 24x DVD RW Dell IN2020M. I will be adding a GPU later and so want a futureproof PSU so that i dont need change the PSU. It should be 500w PSU and my budget is 2200. I have chosen for FSP SAGA II 500w...
  11. C

    MSI 9600GT 512 and CM Extreme 500w for sale

    Hii friends, I have a 8 months old MSI 9600GT 2D512 for sale and a CM Extreme Power Plus 500w PSU.I am buying a 5770 so selling this one. Anyone interested can email me or pm me with their prices. My email -kenprakash@gmail.com Thanx
  12. A

    500w PSU and Asus/Gigabyte 945G mobo

    Hi Recently my PSU and MOBO were damaged, and as they were out of warranty..no use getting them fixd. If anyone is willing to sell ne of tthe thins, please PM me. I need: 1. Asus/Gigabyte 945 mobo for my C2D processor and PCI express Graphics card. 2. 500w PSU 3. if any1 having...
  13. S

    Zebronics old PRO 650w is actrally a PC&C Silencer Mk II 500W

    I have a old Zebronics PRO 650w smps which i bought from Delhi, India. At the time i regarded Zebronics as a very good company and i was thinking that their PRO power supplies were worth the 3.6k they were charging. But i found out its not so. First of all the Zebronics PRO 650w is no where to...
  14. Nemes!s

    Advice on good PSU

    :???:Hi Guys, I have finally placed the order for following components AMD Athlon II 2.9 Ghz. 635 X4 @ 4.6k WD SATA 500gb 32 MB Cache @ 1.9k AMD Biostar ATI 785 Chipset TA785G3 HD @ 4.3k BenQ G2220HD 22 inch with DVI n HDCP 40000:1 Contrast @7.1k DDR III G.Skill 2 Gb F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT...
  15. giprabu

    Is my configuration sounds like a gaming rig???..pls help..

    Does my configuration sound like a gaming rig???..pls help.. Graphics Card : XFX Raedon 5750 MotherBoard : Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Processor : AMD Phenom X6 1055T Monitor : Benq G2412HD RAM : Transcend DDR3 1333Mhz (2 GB) Power...
  16. IronCruz

    AMD and NVIDIA

    :razz: I have a doubt in my mind that i am going to buy Nvidia geforce 9600GT. Is it compatible with AMD proccy and AMD based motherboard.....? Please solve my doubt. Proccy: AMD Athlon II X4 620 MB:Biostar TA 790 VIP 500w or Zebronics Red power 500w
  17. V

    Point of View Black Diamond 500W SLI ready

    This SMPS is working perfectly in condition like hardly used. No warranty Left . Point of View Black Diamond 500W SLI ready Specs Point of View Black Diamond 500W [BLACK DIAMOND 500WATT] Price-1600+Shipping at actual (Brand New will cost you 2800~) Reason for sale is upgrade. Listed on eBay...
  18. A

    hd4770 X2 or hd 4850 X2 ??. Urgent!!

    Hi guys, I guys i have decided to buy gfx card for 15k max..... I've crossfire support in my mobo (MSI 790 gx) and procc -phenom II 955... My two options are 1. 2 X hd4770 2. 2 X hd4850 I m using Tagan 500w u-37. . .it'll be enough for either of these 2 cards right ??? Please...
  19. D

    ATI4870 + AMD X2 6000+ = bottleneck?

    Hi guys! First of all, thanks for your advises on my last post for helping me select a good graphics card. Now I've made up my mind for the Power Color Ati HD4870 1GB DDR3. The psu which I'll buy will either be corsair vx450 or the cooler master 500w. Now the main problem.... will my cpu and...
  20. dinesh_ddt

    Pure Gaming Rig.. Nothing Else..

    I'm upgrading from p4 pc... my budget is 20k.. i got suggestions like: 1) Phenom X3 X3 - 8650+ Tri Core-2.3GHz, 3.5M:twisted: AMD 780G MA78GM-S2H 16x, 8 Ch. S, L, HDMi4 2 GB ddr2 transcend Local cabinet PSU pov balck diamond 500w palit ATI HD 4670 512mb ddr3 2)P5KPL-CM INTEL G31...
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