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  1. aditya1987

    PLEASE HELP ME!! Buying New Gaming Rig!!

    Hello Friends!! I have planned to by new PC for gaming. BUDGET - 40000. Processor - C2D E8500 Mobo - MSI P6N SLI V2 or MSI P43 NEO:confused: RAM - Kingston 2x2 GB Graphics Card - Palit 4850 Sonic SMPS - Cool Master Extreme Power 500W HDD - Seagate 500 GB, 32 MB Buffer (I already have...
  2. max_snyper

    Cabinet + PSU ?

    hi my query is regarding the cabinet: im having a iball i-531 old cabinet.....made for p4-ht(lga775) processors...can i fix a coolermaster 500w psu in that or i will have to get a new cabinet for my old system????
  3. A


    This is my rig's config: AMD Phenim 9550 M3A78-EM 2Gb of Hynix Ram @ 800MHZ 250 Gb Maxtor hard disk 500W Zebronics PSU (Platinum Edition) I bought it just ten days back and I am going to purchase PALIT HD4850 Sonic and my dealer said my PSU is not pure 500W and he suggested i better...
  4. mahesh

    Your view on the following configurations.

    Hai my friend needs a pc in the range of 20k-23k mainly for gaming. What abt the following configurations. I dont need monitor, ups, cabinet, mouse and keyboard. Also if possible please tell me each one's price. Also the availablity in india(i am from trivandrum, kerala). E7200 ABit Ip 35-E 2...
  5. B

    Need a fix for my system

    Hi Folks Whenever I switch on my computer, CPU starts up and after 2 secs, the power goes down (CPU fan stops) and again after 2 seconds, the CPU powers up. I am not sure why this is happening. Can someone provide a fix for this? My Details: RAM: 2 GB 800MHz SMPS: 500W Cooler Master Xtreme...
  6. S

    icool cabinets & PSU

    anybody ever used an icool cabinet PSU? i saw a high end rig of its in nehru place and it was selling for 2.35k with a 500W PSU. nebody know how good it is? if so then plz post a review
  7. T

    CM 460W - Enough juice?

    I was looking to purchase the CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 460W for my rig which consists of C2D e7200,Geforce 9600GSO,DDR2-800 on a abit ip35e. I know it is enough under normal circumstances, but would it be able to handle a 20-30% overclock of each of these components. I guess if I do need...
  8. pushkaraj

    Buying a new PSU (Budget < 2k)

    I am planning to buy a new PSU as my old PSU has died. My PC config is: AMD Athlon 3200+ Gigabyte GA-K8 mobo 512x2 MB DDR400 RAM Keyboard + Mouse Two 80 GB SATA II hard disks LG DVD writer Will a 400 W PSU suffice my requirements? Also if i buy a gfx card in the future, then will...
  9. S

    Which PSU to get?

    A while back I puchased and assembled a new computer (Zebronics Peace case, Intel E4400, XFX 650i Ultra motherboard, Leadtek 7600GS gfx card, 17" CRT Monitor, 2x1GB DDR2 600MHz RAM, Sony DVD Writer, etc). From the beginning, I have been having problem of instability... After working a while, it...
  10. P

    SMPS Problem

    Hi, Recently my SMPS has started making a lot of noise, also sometimes my PC freezes or restarts automatically. Is all this due to the SMPS?? If yes, should I go for repair or a new SMPS?? If new then which one?? Thanks in advance:-D PS: 500W SMPS will be fine for my PC
  11. Jags

    A decent 500w SMPS

    Hi Guys Recommend me a brand for 500w smps which is not too expensive.. I will be running core2duo E6750, 2 ddr2, a good graphics card(which i will buy later), 1 dvdwriter, 2 HDDs, 1 cd-rom Which ones better out of these:- Powersafe VIP Zebroics POV ?? Also if you have...
  12. V

    Ups Backup Problem

    Hi, I have a 600va ups, which I brought 'bout 3 yrs ago. Earlier it used to give a backup time of 15-20 minutes. but now it has sopped giving me power backup. Everytime the power goes, my computer shuts down. My computer has a 15"monitor 2.1 sperker sys and a cpu with 500w smps. is there any...
  13. S

    Buy Amigo 500W SMPS

    where can i buy Amigo 500W SMPS in bangalore or any other SMPS which is the price range 1500-2100 My criteria is to get 26A or more on the +12V rail .... plzzzzzzz help
  14. K

    Powersafe 500w 6-pin pcix connectors

    Guys, Anyone using a powersafe 500w. Speaking with some dealers, this is what I could gather. 1. It has dual 12V rails - 24 pin and 8 pin. Not sure what the 8 pin is used for. 2. There is a golden color model and a silver color model with a price difference of Rs. 600. Any idea which is...
  15. I

    help me overclock

    guys i have the foll. rig: intel c2d e6750, asus p5n-e sli, kingston 2 x1 gb ddr2 800, 8600 gt, 250 gb seagta e sata2 7200.10, zebby 500w psu. i wanna OC my cpu, cudja plz gimme the appropriate bios settings like vcore,fsb.......... i m noob to OCing.
  16. M


    Ive been looking at these two options :: Cooler Master Elite 330 (2.9K) + Cooler Master eXtreme Power 500W (3.6K) = 6.5K Antec Sonata III - 8.3K (comes with Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU) http://tinyurl.com/2q3vbp Right now i dont intend to get a CPU Cooler but maybe in future may get one..:) CM...
  17. Rollercoaster

    Help buying SMPS

    hi guys.. I blew my 500W smps and i needa new one. But here in dehradun not much is available so i get a replacement 450w as no higher was available. It blew in 3 days. I have to buy a good quality SMPS. also considering future hardware upgrades. my present hardware is as follows: AMD 64...
  18. N

    Help Required regarding SMPS rating

    comparison between the specification of Powersafe 500W silver and powersafe 400W GOLD also its available price in mumbai. Whether i required a 500W or 400W for my system config of ASUS K8N4E DELUX with AMD 3000+,NVIDIA XFX 6200 GT ,Two SATA 200Gb, DVD writer TV tunnercard modem. I want to...
  19. ratzee199

    New desktop.....

    Hi guys... I wanted to purchase a new Desktop PC only gor gaming purpose. My configuration is quite high and I wanted to know from where I can assmble the PC... I am givinmg the configuration below... Processor: Core 2 Duo (775):E6400 (2MB L2 cache 2.13Ghz 1066MHz FSB) MOBO...
  20. ratzee199

    New Desktop PC

    Hi guys... I wanted to purchase a new Desktop PC only gor gaming purpose. My configuration is quite high and I wanted to know from where I can assmble the PC... I am givinmg the configuration below... Processor: Core 2 Duo (775):E6400 (2MB L2 cache 2.13Ghz 1066MHz FSB) MOBO...
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