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  1. T

    Joystick for FSX

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent joystick for MS Flight Simulator X. Can anyone recommend some? I've seen the Saitek X-52 , but it's way too expensive. My budget is around 2.5k Rs.
  2. zyberboy

    [Want to Buy] Graphics card between 2~3k

    Looking for gfx card similar to 8800gt in good condition around 2.5k. Pm me or post here, will be checking this thread constantly.
  3. vishalg

    Plz suggest a good router within 2.5k

    Hi guys, I want to buy a new wireless router for my bsnl broadband connection my max budget is 2.5k i have been using utstacom wa3002 g1 router for many years bsnl is offering a binatone router for 1850/-, is it a good choice, or should i go for a good brand router like netgear or d-link??
  4. Techniboy

    Antec V/S Cooler Master V/S NZXT

    Hi, I am going to purchase a pc in the 1st week of jan 2012. Please suggest me a cabinet. It should support standard ATX, bottom mounted PSU and lots of places to add fans. Budget = 2.5k I live in New Delhi. Are there any Antec Products in Nehru Place.? Please help Choose one...
  5. R

    In ear earphones + Portable Amp for 2.5k

    hey guyz... i have a budget of 2.5k for In ear earphones + Amplifier and i have decided to go with Fiio E5 Amplifier == 0.95k and Skull candy Smokin Buds Rasta == 1.45k Total= 2.4k Further suggestions are welcome...:)
  6. rahul2002

    2.1 speakers

    Please suggest a good 2.1 speaker within 2.5k and availabale in kolkata!!!! URGENT
  7. A

    Need headphones for 2.5k

    Go Gaming! | GolchhaIT.com Is this the best choice for my budget?
  8. Blue Ripazah

    good speakers in 2k to 2.5k

    hi guys i wanna buy speakers in the range of 2k- 2.5k so plz suggest me the best one my requirements in order prefrence 1: surround sound for my room for movies 2:awesome bass for music 3:wall mountable(not necessary) the price list of some speakers is as follows in the attachment
  9. S

    Earphones at 2.5K in Kolkata

    Hi I am looking for in-ear earphones at roughly Rs 2500. Surfing in this forum got me a feedback that Brainwavz M2 might be the best choice in the above budget.Went out to the Chandni market in Kolkata to a few shops ( Vedanta / MD) . They have hardly heard of Brainwavz. Can anybody tell me...
  10. A

    Psu blown need guide according to my config

    Cpu core2 duo 2.66 Hdd 1 tb, 2tb, 500 gb total 3 gpu ati 4670 Budget max 2.5k
  11. baiju

    Portable HDD - which one

    Hi, I want to buy a 500 gb portable hdd. Which brand is better - seagate, wd, toshiba or any other? The first three are available for around 2.5k. Please suggest.
  12. saswat23

    Cabinet Selection

    My budget for cabinet is 2.5k max. I know nothing can beat GAMMA at 2k and CM Elite 430 at 2.5k. But none of these are available here. I also cant order online. So, any better cabinets under 2.5k probably. The only brands available here are Zebronics, IBall, Intex, UMAX and CM. But CM-430 is...
  13. saswat23

    PC components selection help.

    I have selected my config. But i want to know if theres any better model. Also mentio the prices. * Proccy- i5-2400 or i5-2500 I want to know if the i5-2500 is better than i5-2400. I want the proccy to have good internal graphics as i wuldnt be adding a GPU now. I wont be OCing also so...
  14. A


    I need router in and around 2.5k, please suggest best alternatives.
  15. happy20b

    New Pc Configuration

    Dear All I want to buy new PC with my this months salary :-) .. unfortunately my budget is 30k .. In future i may upgrade ram and speakers, I have time till march 5th .. before that i want to finalize everything .. So the configuration which i have thot about is as below .. and please...
  16. aytus

    New cabinet for cooling under 2.5k

    hey guys, as you guys know i recently upgraded my pc (with the help of your valuable suggesgtions ofcourse:smile:) .. now i want a case under 2.5k cos my present case is not doing a good job for cooling .. the temps on my processor are hitting 70+ under load. and 55 idle. so wot i need is a...
  17. S

    HR03 plus

    Hello want to sell my thermalright hr03 plus a gpu cooler for g80 gts and gtx cards. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Thermalright/HR-03Plus/2.html 6 months old current price is 2.5k approx my price is 1k shipped let me knw if som 1 interested thanks
  18. codename_romeo

    DVD writer needed

    Hey guys i have a HP DVD writer but i need another DVD writer which can handle a bit of heavy DVD writing ......like 5 to 10 DVDs within 2 hrs of time.......... My writer is fine with it but then sometimes it turns out a dvd with some error....may be one in 20 pieces......but still i guess i am...
  19. shyamno

    Suggest me a Good sub 2K mobile

    Guys please suggest me a good sub 2K mobile with FM radio.The budget can be expanded to 2.5k if it demands..
  20. S

    Best printer at 2.5k??

    Friends,I have to buy an inkjet colour printer mainly for my college work like printing lab reports which includes text and graphs mainly with occasional pictures.Please help me find the best deal within 2.5k.
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