1. tkin

    Suggest Earphones(IEM) for 2.5k

    Hey guys, my 6 months old Piston 3 died today, right ear is dead. I'm royally pi$$ed :-x I need to get a pair of IEMs asap. My budget it 2.5k. 3k for flipkart as I have a coupon. I need clear sound, a bit of bass is required but it shouldn't drown the sound. Suggest away, bonus points...
  2. A

    PSU for HD6870? Need suggestions.

    Guys, my silverstone 500W PSU has gone kaput. Need to buy a new one for around 3k. Was thinking of buying this one Buy Online Antec VP500PC 500W Power Supply in India cost is 2.5k. How is this PSU? Would you recommend any other PSU(better?) in this price range? PC config is in the...
  3. K

    Headphones for gaming and movies/tv shows for under 2.5k. ok with used

    Hi I play games (mostly smite and COD) on pc also movies and tv shows. not much music. not bass head but dont hate it.using hd 201 for a while but lack of bass is making them boring. SO looking for headset/over ear headphones under 2.5k i am ok with buying used from olx. i was going to get...
  4. Randy_Marsh

    Urgently need a PC Gamepad (2.5k budget)

    Hi Guys, I am in urgent need to buy a PC gamepad. Budget is 2.5k. I can stretch upto 3k if it really worth it. Wired is not a problem but it would be good if i get a wireless one. The two brands i am seeing is logitech/Microsoft. microsoft controllers are looking much better but i've...
  5. S

    Please suggest 2.1 speakers at around 2k

    Hi everyone I am looking to get a good set of speakers for myself. I have checked some out like 1)Creative sbs a335 It is very popular on flipkart 2)logitech z313 Other than these please suggest I want speakers for my pc and will use them for everything that is games,movies,etc. I...
  6. Y

    need a wireless router for bsnl BB under (2.5k)

    Hey frnds! I have bsnl bb, now i want to creat wifi in my house(2bhk).I will be conecting 2 phones and 2 laptops. So please suggest a good wireless router(if possible then link also) under 2.5k. I will be downloading torrent files also.Do i need to change mac add. And all. Thanks in adv. I...
  7. S

    Need an IEM with inline Mic and controls for around 2.5K

    Need an IEM with inline Mic and controls for Smartphone and IPad mini around 2.5K Smartphone - Calls Ipad mini - Listening Music, VoIP Chats Shorlisted Cowon EM1,but i currently own Vsonic GR02 Bass edition, so cannot go back on SQ Kindly suggest some as these are hard to find.
  8. A

    Suggest Cabinet @ Rs 2.5K.

    Suggest Cabinet @ Rs 4K. Pls suggest a good Cabinet in the Budget of Rs 4K. Should Hav a good air flow and cooling. Size : Full ATX Budget : 4K ..(changed to 4k from 2.5k) Config: AMD FX6300, ASUS M5A97 R2.0, Corsair 430CX V2, HDD, DVD RAM, Sapphire HD 5670 DDR5 1Gb. open to order...
  9. powerhoney

    Circumaural Headphones (Max Rs. 2.5k)

    Hey, guys... Suggest a circumaural headphone for me... My budget is max Rs. 2.5k... I listen to all genres of music from pop, hip hop and trance to heavy and death metal!!! :mrgreen: No brand preferences per se but I would like to have decent noise isolation... :-)
  10. Thetrueblueviking

    Building a 30k i5 rig for my Uncle

    So I have agreed to build a rig for my uncle - And I am not going to answer that whole list :P Here are the important things- Needs to be an i5 - he wont settle for anything more or less. It will be used for very light office work (excel,ms office,etc) and light gaming (ex - fifa 13 at ~...
  11. V

    2.1 speakers for samsung smart tv

    Dear all Need suggestion in choosing 2.1 speakers for Samsung smart TV up to 2.5k. thanks in advance
  12. S

    In ear earphones within 2.5k

    Hi guys, i was using thye mdr XB220ex for the last 1.5 years, however the same got stolen last week. so looking forward to buy another one of the same make or the mdr XB30EX or XB90EX. the only challenge is Sony doesnt cover the accessories under warranty. thats why when the earphones stopped...
  13. P

    plz help me to buy a backlit keyboard

    I want a backlit keyboard(wired or wireless) for my laptop under 2.5k. Thank u. And Happy new year guyz.
  14. izzikio_rage

    Graphics card at 2.5k

    Hey everyone need some help with buying a dirt cheap graphics card. My budget is upto 2.5k and I aim to game on it by pulling all games down to their lowest settings :) My PC config is a bit old Intel dual core 2.3Ghz Motherboard with onboard intel graphics (PCI 16x is there) 2gb RAM...
  15. A

    Need In-ear phones around 2,.5K

    Hi all, I want to purchase a new set of In-ears. My budget is around 2,500 INR (can go a little up). I listen to all kinds of music and a bass lover.. please suggest me a good IEM. currently my selection is Sennheiser CX-300 mark II. thanks UPDATED : someone please REPLY.
  16. sukesh1090

    IEM for 2.5k

    I ordered for Soundmagic IE10M from flipkart for 2k but they cancelled the order yesterday because of nonavailability of the IEM with their supplier and i searched every where for this and in all places they are out of stock so without any choice i need to go for some other IEM.I have seen IE11M...
  17. angie

    Nead Earbuds around 2.5k

    Hi, I am looking to buy earbuds around 2.5k. I read the sticky about Brainwavz M2. Is that the best option? What about Sennheiser? Is there any product from them in this range? Also what are IEM's? Should I buy IEM or normal earbuds? Thanks. P.S. I listen to all kinds of music.
  18. perplexed

    Best Broadband In Bangalore ( Heavy user )

    Hey, I am staying in madivala area (maruthi nagar). What all broadband options are available for me ? My budget is around 2.5k
  19. Harshverma

    Gaming Mice within 2.5k

    Hey Guyz i wanna buy a GAMING MICE WITH A BUDGET OF 2.5K Max stretched budget can be 2.7k also suggest me a good gaming mice pad within .5k Note :- suggest gaming mice n pad according to the STREET PRICE
  20. bajaj151

    Backlit keyboard under 2.5K

    Microsoft Sidewinder x4 is not available anywhere.. Please suggest other options..
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