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  1. pratik03

    Suggest Gamepad

    suggest good gamepad which supports all new game preferably xbox360 based wireless would be added advantage budget 2.5k
  2. sachin_kothari

    Graphics Card under 2.5k

    My PC Configuration is as follows: AMD Athlon 64 ASUS K8S-MX (On-Board Graphics) 512 MB DDR1 400 mhz Vista and Ubuntu OS. I am thinking of upgrading my system. I have already decided for 1 gb ram. I have a problem with deciding the graphics card. (on-board sux :mad: ) Since i am not a gamer...
  3. B

    Which UPS?

    budget 2.5K which UPS to buy?
  4. papai_mcc

    Help regarding UPS

    Could any one please suggest me a decent UPS for my PC (Budget around 2.5k). The config of PC is in my signature. Thanx in advance.
  5. D

    Sound 4 My Earz

    Simple task but difficult choice is what I have in mind. I'm in dire need for the views of you all. I want to buy good quality speakers. Considering the rapid price drops in the Indian IT Market, I think I want to go for atleast a 4.1 OR 5.1 system. Tried to investigate about Intex and then...
  6. S

    Sound Card for 1.5K

    I need a sound card. my budget is 1.5K - 2.5K. Help Plz.
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