What to do when bored

wWe all get bored while using our (or neighbour's) PC. Several hours may go in TDF without a post, no new games may be available or the weather may just not be good to complete the college project (just an excuse :p). So guys, suggest everyone what they can do with their pc when they have nothing to do! Let the incredible machine be put to some use. Post what you, your friend or your pet dog/cat do with a PC when utterly bored! :D :D


Hese are the suggestions posted throughout by members:

Websites (low bandwidth):
1. Read random articles on Wikipedia.
2. Use dating sites.
3. Learn some skill.
4. Try different curse words in Google Translator.
5. I Am Bored - Sites for when you're bored.
6. Join forums and help people.
7. Learn a new language.
8. Open a blog.
9. Read blogs. There are tons of super blogs.
10. The Useless Web

Website (high bandwidth):
1. Watch porn.
2. Watch webcams in Zoos.
3. Watch cat and dog videos on YouTube (they are really funny).
4. Watch webcams in Earth cam.
5. Take courses on the Internet, like at Lynda or Yale Courses.
6. Try different templates of Word press or CSS.
7. Try Reddit.
8. 9GAG.
9. Learn about custom ROM’s and Mods from sites like XDA
10. Join Tumbler.
11. Memecenter.
12. TVTropes.org
13. Cynically engineered.
14. Cracked.com
15. Weavesilk.com
16. www.internetsiao.com

Productive work related to PC:
1. Defrag the hard disk. While it completes, you can listen to music or browse TDF.
2. Learn some skill.
3. Contribute to some open source project.
4. Clean junk/useless files on the hard disk.
5. Manually de-infect your PC.
6. Clean your cabinet inside out.
7. Update the ID3 tags of your music collection and organize them.
8. Report bugs or give feedback/suggestions to software developers. <-- Update
9. Try to create a new or improve efficiency of an existing algorithm/data structure. <-- Update

Nonproductive PC related work:
1. Plan on upgrading your rig.
2. Play games. If you’ve got bored of playing games, try Indi games.
3. Play an MMORPG.
4. Click on ads on random websites to help them earn.

Productive non-PC work:
1. Get a free book.
2. Explore your neighborhood.
3. Read books.
4. Open your college/school books.
5. Study for exams.
6. Practice a sport on the street or nearby park.
7. Clean and wax your car/two-wheeler.

Nonproductive non PC-related work:
1. Watch movies.
2. Go out of your home.
3. Hang out with friends.
4. Sleep
5. Read comics.
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Re: What to do in PC when bored

if you have some money, bring some new stuff (new proccy, gpu, cabinet etc.) and either upgrade your rig or assemble a new one, it'd be fun and a good timepass.. :p
or watch porno... :p


Re: What to do in PC when bored

That's a tiring job; if you know what I mean :wink:.


btw, you asked for something to do when bored, not when tired... :p


Lost in speed
Re: What to do in PC when bored

Run the Defragment deeply, and stare at those tiny blinking boxes.


Lost in speed
Re: What to do in PC when bored

Oh, that just reminded me of the HDD error check running in background. Ummm... 27% completed... ONLY. What do you do when you get bored??
I switch on the PC, only when i get bored. So, can't answer your question. :mrgreen:


Lost in speed
Re: What to do in PC when bored

Play games, Watch movies, Download things. . .
So, your question should be "What do you do, after that?". Isn't it?

I switch off, and sleep.
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Sith Lord
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Re: What to do in PC when bored

check out webcams in zoos, earthcam has a good listing, try the giraffe one


Wise Old Owl
Re: What to do in PC when bored

When you have nothing to do with P.C Turn off that P.C.
Get out from Home.
Hangout with buddies.
See the world.


Re: What to do in PC when bored

Try out some cool and nice(good) stuff (generally backtrack) on the PC's in my network. Monitor what they're up to.
Stats. point out that most of th'm either use the BroadBand for FBooking or Online shopping. Some even tend to use Dating sites. :evileyes: [maybe because there's a Girls PG nearby.]

O/W I watch cat and dogs videos on Youtube.
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