1. izzikio_rage

    Will WD passport overheat if kept in a case

    Ok, so here's a funny question. I've heard of friends killing their hard disks by dropping them (even slight falls kill a hard disk that is running). I've been using my WD Mypassport for booting my windows to go and I'm really scared that this might happen. So I got a case from Amazon (this one...
  2. TheSloth

    PC freeze problem

    This started just 4-5 days back and has become really irritating. I cannot use my laptop at all. I am posting some screenshots. Let me know what else I need to do. The task manager screen doesn't always look like that but Disk Usage is always 100% now. And I am quite sure that is the reason...
  3. B

    Using E/USB token as mass storage

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to store and retrieve files other than certificates in USB etoken? I would like to use it as read-only USB flash disk. Also how to copy/make an image of the certificates in an etoken to hdd or to another pendrive? Thanks
  4. D

    Suggest a 1~2TB hard disk

    i'm planning to replace my existing 8~9years old WD640GB and 500GB hard disks with a single 1 or 2TB hard disk. i'll be moving my existing game installations to the new disk. i already use a 2TB WD green for data storage purpose. also wondering if an SSD is will help gaming performance(as...
  5. J

    Best Hard Disk....

    Hello Everybody, Actually I am going to buy PC at home for my personal work.....through Assemble.I don't know exactly which is best Hard Disk Brand And its Performance.Please Let me know.
  6. chimera201

    Is my external HDD dead?

    HDD: WD My Passport Essential SE 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - WD : Flipkart.com Bought in July,2012 Disk Management: Choosing ok results in "I/O error" WD Diagnostics: Write Zeros fails with "delete partitions error"
  7. C

    Hard Disk 100% usage

    Several times a day (in fact sometimes several times an hour), the disk usage jumps to 100% for 1 or 2 minutes, but the resource monitor values don't add up (in fact, this happens quite randomly, even when I'm doing nothing (almost no CPU usage) On the other hand, some other time (far more...
  8. B

    Z drive auto shown in my computer

    Hi Friends, A Z drive is being shown in my computer in Windows 10 http://oi63.tinypic.com/2e51vh0.jpg It showed up last week but after restarting it was gone. Now it has returned few days back. Some sites say it is a virtual drive and others say that it is a partition drive. And I also...
  9. quicky008

    Issue with bad sectors in new HDD-please help

    Today i bought a refurbished 320 gb hitachi HDD from a local store-the reason i went for a refurb drive was that i was attempting to resurrect an old pc and so i wanted to keep the costs down as far as possible.However on checking the condition of the hard drive using Crystal disk info and HDD...
  10. mitraark

    Lightning ruined SATA ports Need PCI SATA Card

    My PC runs, well, used to run, 24x7, and one day when i came home after a thunderstorm I saw the message "No disk found" Initially I assumed my hard disk had crashed, but they are working on another PC. I have three options i) Buy new motherboard, but a new LGA 1156 motherboard for my...
  11. A

    1 TB WD Black not getting detected

    Hello, I was using a WD black 1 TB disk with my desktop. It was working all fine and there were no SMART warnings. One day system was running and I noticed a severe disk activity (not sure if it has anything to do with the problem but just thought about mentioning it). After some time system...
  12. V

    Comp boots properly, then slows down and pretty much stops working

    Hi, I have a Win 10 PC, assembled. It was working flawlessly till recently. Now, it boots up properly and for the first few minutes, it works well too. Then, it absolutely slows down and i can't open any application, be it Windows or others like Firefox etc. The surprising part is if i...
  13. K

    Any free software for password protecting external drive?

    Hi Guys, I have got a foreign made external MINI STATION hard disk, the details of it is given below. The password software for the above, given on the seller’s own website on the net, does not work. So, I would like to install a FREE SOFTWARE which should enable me to lock and unlock the...
  14. C

    Is it necessary to change the Hard Drive for bad Health Warning from Crystal & to which One?

    One of my HDD showing bad health from Crystal Disk Info. so is it necessary to change the HDD. So I wanna Buy 4 TB HDD so which one should i choose? After googling alot i chose following two HDD's due to reliability. WD Red NAS Hard Disk WD40EFRX Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000 4TB im...
  15. rider

    Cheapest and Best 2TB Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online

    Hello! geeky digitians. I need your help in purchasing Cheapest and Best 2TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online. Budget is less than or equal to 6k. Brand preference Seagate and WD. Colour preference Silver or Black Please share links of the cheapest online deal. Thank you! How...
  16. Nipun

    Want a cheap, reliable 1TB external hard disk

    Hi! I need a reliable (do NOT want to lose any data) 1TB External Hard Disk. Please suggest. How do I ensure that only I am able to access the files on the hard disk? Encryption?
  17. Faun

    From Inside the Hard Disk [bandwidth heavy thread]

    I was cleaning my PC for all the dust and mess stuck in CPU cooler and in the peripheral vision of my eyes I saw the worst happening. A slight nudge from my hand send the hard disk off the table, it was only an auxiliary hard disk with backup OS and Downloads partition. Not risking my data, I...
  18. B

    How to retrieve deleted movies from hard disk?

    A few of my old movies were deleted from one of the partitions of my hard disk. Is there any way of retrieving them as these editions are no longer available?

    [For Sale] Seagate 1 TB External Hard Disk & Call of Duty: Ghosts Limited Edition for PS3

    For Sale ! Expected Price for Seagate 1 TB HD: SOLD Expected Price for Call Of Duty Limited Edition: 1800 Shipped Reason for Sale: I don't have PS 3 so still packed & bought 2 TB portable. Warranty: No warranty on both items. Product Condition:Call of duty is still...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] Invalid S/N for WD My Passport Ultra hard disk from Cost to Cost

    Hi Guys, I bought a new WD My Passport Ultra 2TB external hard disk from " Cost To Cost " - Nehru Place, Delhi on 22 Jun 2015 . I checked the hard disk on WD Support Portal website and found that the S/N is invalid:-x Just wanted to warn the future buyers. There were no typos like 'O' instead...
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