1. Nerevarine

    Elementary OS - A fork from Ubuntu distro

    Anyone tried this out ? It looks so much like Mac OS while maintaining the awesomeness of linux .. I am bored with ubuntu so im considering trying this out on my notebook..
  2. beingGamer

    In-Game Stupidity

    There's a screenshot channel but creating this thread for posting pics related to the stupidity you do in games when you are bored while playing them. I start with the following- Was practicing with the controller for hitman absolution. was bored of practicing in King of China town level...
  3. T

    [For Sale] Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Single SIM

    Reason for selling: I am BORED :duh2: (Upgrade). Price: 3800 INR.
  4. harshilsharma63

    What to do when bored

    wWe all get bored while using our (or neighbour's) PC. Several hours may go in TDF without a post, no new games may be available or the weather may just not be good to complete the college project (just an excuse :P). So guys, suggest everyone what they can do with their pc when they have...
  5. ShankJ

    Extreme horror/Gore movies

    Suggest me some movies having extreme action/horror/gore.. Somewhat like orphan, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, exorcist etc etc..:eeksign: Completely bored and want to download a few good movies.. Thanks..:listen:
  6. A

    crack xperia X10

    I have an Xepria X10 registered to AT&T . So can any one help me out to crack my mobile:?::lol: I ve got bored of that att stuff and using android 1.6 in that phone
  7. M

    ubuntu 10.10 on digit DVD?

    hey folks, any idea in which month digit DVD can i find ubuntu 10.10?:?: Anyone please? :-| im getting bored. :-/
  8. kool

    i want Nokia C5 & want to sell 5130xm.

    i want Nokia C3 & want to sell 5130xm. Hi friends, I want to know about "Nokia C3" QWERTY mobile. When it gonna launch in INDIA, and at what *price? I want to know about its battery backup, and do its have wi-fi, 3G..??? tell me all features, is it good phone? At present i m using NOKIA...
  9. csczero

    at what price i should sell my laptop?

    configuration : DELL 1500 Vostro ---> Intel Core2Duo 1.6 Ghz , 2 GB DDR2 , 120 GB HDD , 8600GT 256 MB, im kinda bored with my latop now want to buy sony viao with hdmi out as i have 42 " Full HD LCD
  10. chicha

    Any one from Hyderabad?

    Hello guys any one from hyderabad? i stay in madhapur. and i am bored all the weekends. :D
  11. Faun

    Prototype = (Spiderman + GTA + Bloodrayne 2)

    What a frikkin retarded game with awesome combos but stoopid AI. Combined with mindless destruction there is no morality or so on developers side to send infinite waves of enemies. Why do I feel bored with new games ? Assassin Creed was one hell of a boring game and same about this bugger...
  12. Psychosocial

    This is not a thread

    just bored, so making a thread wzzup guys ? 8)
  13. hullap

    the chat thread

    i'm quite bored and i thought that there is no IRC here so this is for chatting. ok i'll start-wil this be a USEFULL thread:)
  14. chicha

    deleted partition

    i am the biggest fool ever. i was totally bored and i wanted to merge two partitions one of 998 MB and the other of 25GB. (yes i was that bored). the following were my drives C: (root) D:, E:, F:, and G: the 998MB was orginally planned for SWAP area for a SUSE. since that did not happen...
  15. abhi_10_20

    Bored Bored !!!!!

    What do you guys do when your ""getting bored level"" is on a complete high???

    NIGHTMARE Game Coliseum

    Hey justs, its NIGHTMARE and i play a lot of flash games. there are some pretty damn good ones so I just thought i'd compile some of my favorites for you guys to try out when your bored. I know you'll love 'em! now to keep things balanced i'll be adding games each week so keep checking the...
  17. Pathik

    Ubuntu ubuntu

    hey all.. I jus removed mandriva 06 nd opensuse 10.1 and m installing edgy eft nw.. I jus wanted to ask how much time does it normally take?? Its already 30 min and its still goin.. Still @ 64 % .. I m really bored.. :(
  18. koolbluez

    What's the best I can get for 6k?

    I know this's been asked a zillion times, so i changed the title. Need some help out for selecting the best budget multimedia phone as of today. A friend of mine got about 6k for a phone and wants to use it wisely. So i thought of my friend's @ DIGIT who could hint me into the most happening...
  19. N

    How often u change ur mobile

    Hi guys , I started using mobile phone almost a year ago and i have already bought 5 mobiles. I use new mobile for few weeks/months and get bored with it.Then I sell it and buy a new one lol. Do u guys change it often? ty
  20. kunwar

    how do i disable webshots desktop?

    i have got bored! :(
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