What IMAGE you have of other TDF members....


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Reading camera reviews and different techniques all day and helping TDF members for better cameras


if you have doubts about camera/photography, these guys are the experts !!
the guy who solves the rubik's cube in under 30 secs..:shock:( takes me a whole 1 minute to solve 1 side :p )
provided perfect news of products from sony before its launch !! :).

the guy who works whole day in IT sector & still finds time to play Playstation...RESPECT !! Also, i found his posts in career section rather useful !! :)

An awesome troll..i am still confused as to whether he's a guy or a girl !! :D


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Close friend aand fellow metalhead.Is fond of anything metal.Works at night shifts(not sure) and spend rest of his time on steam,guitar,TDF,Facebook etc Oh yes and he hates bollywood
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Actully is an fgt.still one of my close friends;).The person with the most annoying avartar in te history of TDF.
Fond of meme culture,plays video games,trading,reddit,funny things,pranks.Has a brother and doesnt really reveal himself cos is flyingcow

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well i was kind of thinking more detailed images of everybody .................

We cant unless its real life.To get more details we have to live together in a house or something.


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Well I have personally met him. So this is kind of personal experience. He likes to present himself as a troll. Successful a lot of times. Have a knack of making others feel like a fool. And never misses an opportunity to knock out others in an argument. But personally he tries to help anyone he meet. Helped me correct my bad habit of making double past errors on IRC. (It took months. Maybe even a year.) He understands the big picture, the grand scheme of things, and take necessary action for the benefit of entire community not just on small scale. For eg, he once told me to underquote the price of products a little on forum, so that people do bargain and get stuff for cheaper price, offline). I can write a lot of things, but everything would fell short at his height of intellect.
I just can't write enough about this man. He don't post anymore now. But he is a hell of a guy. He was very active in FOSS movements. I met him personally too in Nehru place. And contrary of my perception of him as a well built guy, he was just a small and thin guy, with mature looks. But no mistake since he had a brain which exceeded his health. :p And contrary to failed attempts of trolls by ico, LFC was a Master of trolls. He made me realize how dumb I was on IRC. Ah the good ol' days. Together with ico, he was the only one who was very close to my online life. But those days are now only in the past.
He was a man with a plan. He too, like LFC are not active on forum or IRC now. But the short period which he spend in past years taught me great deal of things. I met him personally too. His personality, unlike LFC, was very accurate. High on octane, short tempered, a geek for geeks but a troll for those with wrong sense of superiority. In terms of his interests in programming he was way ahead of his time. To get an idea of his creativity, just visit his site: *nbaztec.co.in/ (that was built years ago).
I miss this guy very much. A bot which he programmed "Qirc" is still among us in the form of "Hexerr" on IRC. His witty dialogues, unmatched confidence and the agility in behaviour used to give me inferiority complex, but in a positive way as it inspires me even today to do good stuff.
He was the fourth member of IRC. I have never met this guy in my life. But all the talks which I had with others about him I have this image in my mind about him: *krow.me/images/hsrmeme.jpg :p
hsr, please don't ban me for this! :D But that meme was funny which I made for you years ago! :)

Nevertheless, since I never actually met him I "had" this image of him as one who drinks a lot and is a very spoiled child who never misses any chance to hurt anyone. But recent posts by him and some conversations on IRC, have made me realize he is not that bad a person I once anticipated. :p
We used to talk a lot on the chat relay. I have this image of him as a gifted child which was born with a silver spoon. But he never abuses all the facilities which he receives, and makes every effort to respect that. He seems to me a guy with clear conscience, and always having a knack to learn new things. He is not afraid of getting his feet wet if he wants to swim. And even gets ready to make a fool out of himself, if he knew he is learning something.
He seems to me a very humble guy. Everybody knows his interests and passion for all things mobile. But very few people get the treatment which I got when I was first rooting my LG Optimus P500. It took me maybe an hour or two to successfully root and install custom recovery, and I was very nervous then. But this guy, "Sam" was with me the whole time on FB chat. He guided me all the way through the process and helped me to console the never wreaking moment, when I thought I am "finished"! :p
Thanks Sam.

Probably, I will write about more members later.
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I'll let everyone know that [MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] forced me into writing this reply.

[MENTION=88006]sam[/MENTION] : you have proficiency in all things mobile, and play a *lot* of borderlands2.
[MENTION=57860]thetechfreak[/MENTION] : general good guy. seems to have most answers for hardware queries. has some immense obsession with my last name -_-.

[MENTION=26711]ico[/MENTION] : when he still had the gabbar singh avatar, I actually thought he and raaabo were co-workers or something. is very strict.

[MENTION=26920]Liverpool_fan[/MENTION] : you sir, taught me everything I know about linux. Or atleast you not telling me how to do stuff is the reason I know all I know.
[MENTION=171297]snap[/MENTION] : you never did sing the channel anthem, did you?
[MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] : you sir, are a great guy, a good friend, helpful, kind. only if your english was a tad bit better :p


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^ Short and sweet.
About my english being pathetic.. well, it seems Hollywood didn't help much! :p


probably the most helpful guy in the forum, love his unbiased and intellectual nature, wish he was here with us, we all miss u vibhavtek


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i have had the good fortune to interact with some members during the Playdates. here they are:
[MENTION=22661]ManiDhillon[/MENTION] : He is the Go To guy during any issues during playdates. he keeps up his game servers so that we can play on it, even if he is not playing. you know what? he bought me a game on Steam through His credit card coz i dont have one, to activate my steam account. Yeah. He payed out of his pocket. I owe you one, bro. :) He is devastatingly efficient with a sniper rifle, even on assault maps. he is married, has a business, and still plays a LOT. hats off to you!!

@Anorion : he is the true gamer guys. plays any and all games. plus he is also helping me out on a personal project. during PDs, he is mostly quiet, and never uses profanity. :D if you play the PDs, and get to listen to a little boy like voice, then that'd be Ano.

@Gameranand : He makes the PDs worthwhile with his constant banter :D i mean, i just listen to him talking and comical use of profanity, and i laugh. :)
[MENTION=145360]kunalht[/MENTION] : listening to his voice, you'll never guess he is a school goer. sounds like a 35-40year old wise a$$ dude. he runs around the map a lot, and regularly gets pwned a lot by others.

plus i have interacted with some other members..
[MENTION=39722]sujoyp[/MENTION] : owns a helluva lot of photography equipments. and regularly doles out awesome photos, and good suggestions. i will rob his house sometime. ;)

@Gollum : We played GTAV online sometime back. is a good guy, but trolls a lot. one time we were playing, he kept music playing into his mic to troll the other palyers :lol:


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I missed out
Sony guy :D Very helpful suggestions and news from him ....only due to him I put my confidence back on Sony mobiles
[MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] What gotham wants is a white knight and we must give them one, but what gotham deserves is the true dark knight *flies away*


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forgot to mention about [MENTION=15026]topgear[/MENTION]
The most unluckiest guy in TDF(or probably in this world !!) who had some gruesome experiences at RMA-ing products(not just one or two but many ;)). also missing his colored signature :)


@ico @Faun :
Their sense of sarcasm !! :)
[MENTION=39722]sujoyp[/MENTION] , @nac :
Addicted to the shutter sound.
[MENTION=15026]topgear[/MENTION] [MENTION=88006]sam[/MENTION] @cilus @harshilsharma :
These guys bring some really quality content and help to the forum

Apke to charche har jagah hain.. :p
A man in his mid 30's , bald head , developing applications at day time , playing games at night , and gifted with good sense of humor . :p

Co-operative , friendly and interactive.
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