1. M

    MSI 1080 Founder's Edition

    MSI 1080 Founder's Edition is now out in the market. Thoughts ? - - - Updated - - -
  2. D

    Importing CPU

    Hey guys, What do you think about importing 2x Intel Xeon E5 2670? They are Sandy Bridge Chips but 8 core. They are selling for 70 USD. I am thinking importing twice will beat everything I can buy here. Let me know your thoughts. Building a 32-Thread Xeon Monster PC for Less Than the...
  3. seamon

    Oxygen Free Cu wire.

    It really makes a difference. I tried some normal wire with my JVC FX 850 and the stock OFC wire. Huge difference. Thoughts?
  4. gagan_kumar

    What IMAGE you have of other TDF members....

    To all TDF members this thread as the title suggests is about what kind of image you have of other TDF member...... Basically everyone forms an image of other members in their mind when interacting with them in the forum... for e.g many members think nandcob is a girl Even i have an image for...
  5. T

    Introduction Post

    Hello Everyone, I am a new user to this forum i am looking forward to post some valuable thoughts and ideas about laptops and notebooks.. thanks
  6. kg11sgbg


    Any thoughts on this particular date? Anyone? Feelings? Please share.
  7. Soumik

    Razer Nostromo thoughts ?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to get a Razer Nostromo for my general gaming purpose. I dont want to buy a full ext kb for my new laptop. Anyone here owns a Nostromo? If you do, what are your thoughts about it? Is it worth the hype and does it really benefit in some way? How about RPGs with lots of...
  8. C

    Sony NEX5k..... thoughts before in buy

    Hi Friends, Need to know your thoughts on the sony nex5k.... love the look of the camera.. dont know anything else of it... did check some reviews and almost 99% say it has a good picture and video quality. Experts..... your thoughts on it before hitting the shop to get one.
  9. M

    macbook air &ultrabook

    Had made up my mind about buying apple macbook air 13" for the weight (3 ponds or 1.36kg),portability,battery life(7-8 hrs)and performance(core i5-even though ulv).then i saw this video First Look - Touchscreen Ultrabook with Win 8 - YouTube and i started getting 2nd thoughts seeing how...
  10. C

    New build for home HD video editing

    Hi everyone! My first post here. Have been following the forum for the past few days. Great job guys!! I am planning an upgrade from an old P4 mainly for home HD video editing and normal everyday usage. The new machine will not be used for gaming at all. I have so far used Pinnacle...
  11. A

    plz help me find a english song.

    i want to know the name of the English song i listened it today(12/08/2012) morning in morning English songs program. 06.50am it was playing on your station. in it a singer is singing & saying various great thoughts to be remember in life. i am Desperate to listen to it...
  12. M

    LED monitor.. or LED TV

    Planning to purchase a Asus 27" LED VE278q .. @ 22k .. any advice or better options.. i mainly aim for 1080p and gamming of course .. any thoughts of using a LED tv as monitor ..? will it give the same performance.. and response times..?
  13. M

    my club to organise Auto Show in Kerala, pls share your thoughts and ideas.

    Folks, in Feb our club is to organise an Auto Show. i am its convenor. interested to get your thoughts and bits to make an interesting plan. yes, we confirmed. that will happen in FEB second week in 2012. if u have any contact with any club/ individual with Vintage Cars, pls be kind to...
  14. NewsBytes

    Thoughts on ‘Thoughts on Flash’ (cutting through Steve Jobs’ reality distorting field)

    The ruler of the great pome has issued his latest misinformed rant on the Flash player, entitled "Thoughts on Flash". Just like most edicts against the Flash player by Apple, this too has bits of truth mixed in generous doses of FUD. For those who haven’t read it, this post by Steve Jobs...
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Google: We will make YouTube profitable

    :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: *
  16. S

    Anybody own zune here?

    Hello does anyone own zune here? Will you share some thoughts on it.. I have ipod and i m considering to buy zune for my gf..
  17. PCWORM

    Does anyone fancy Sony ericsson IDOU?

    I stumbled upon this phone at gsmarena... looks like a great phone... thoughts? * ------ * ------
  18. uchiha_madara

    God of War III Media blowout

    Journalists were given a preview of the latest game in the God of War series.Check out what they got to see and share your thoughts on what the game should be like etc etc. A couple of links * *
  19. harryneopotter

    need info about anti depressents !!

    Hey guys... i am in a serious trouble ...i am very depressed these days nd dont want to live any more .... . . . . . If u were looking a post something like the above mentioned line, then i am sorry to crush ur hopes :D:p:)). Actually my friend is in serious tension(he thinks...
  20. S


    hey! they say that a Mac is better for graphic designer.I would like to have your thoughts on this.Why is it this laptop that is favoured by graphic designers ?
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