What IMAGE you have of other TDF members....



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One of those camera man types that u see in movies and cricket matches full of high teck camera and super zoom lens..........

age around 26-28


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[MENTION=15026]topgear[/MENTION] and
[MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] the best known for games. Superb playing skills and gaming knowledge.Also add Kunal and anirbandd. Had a great time playing graw2 with them.

[MENTION=22661]ManiDhillon[/MENTION] for keeping our beloved tdf pd's servers online and helping out on various issues

[MENTION=248727]seamon[/MENTION] for his great knowledge of laptops and his liking for my fav. Z510

[MENTION=140941]harshilsharma63[/MENTION] for great help on IT topics

Everyone is equally talented :)
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One of those camera man types that u see in movies and cricket matches full of high teck camera and super zoom lens..........

age around 26-28

lol..:p . I started pursuing this hobby recently only. :p , ps I am 21. :wink:


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lol i didn't say to post only good things....... i said to post the images they have in mind...........

I said both things, and I recommend to say both things too.
But the fact is that most of the members here are not mature enough to take "bad things". They may take offence.


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I started forming opinions of someone only after watching nandu being hostile at a newbie in TDF. I was pissed and we had an arguement (me and nandu) over it. I thought I would never ever bother to talk to this guy afterwards. But opinions change in time. We had warm exchanges of ideas in different threads involuntarily and I am sure I dont find him being bad at someone now and i realize that indeed it is his nature to troll. :)

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Strange to see [MENTION=105611]bavusani[/MENTION] not being mentioned once :p



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Is this some sort of bollywood award function where everyone comes on stage acts stupid and pat each others back.

I'm sure that lot of people had bad experiences regarding other members atleast once and this will become a fight thread if they do so.Sometimes its someone's fault and other times its because of taking comments too seriously.
Most of all, this is the Internet. Everyone has their opinion and thoughts, everyone has their "freedom of speech" :)lol:). Just before this thread derails, I'd like to remind you guys that this is not a thread to start and/or discuss flamewars.

You are entitled to your opinion as long as it doesn't sound much defaming. Many behave differently online and offline, this thread doesn't give you any permission to judge people and pass it on.


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wowo interesting thread and interesting to read as well. When I joined TDF, I was a very regular poster, and knew quite a few people, but with time the participation has gone down, and lots of members from my time also have left. Now though I post but mostly its on the Must watch movie thread, where I am an absolute regular .........but its good to see ,members interacting with each other with respect ........ :)


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I am not really good at this and was hoping to sit this one out, but since [MENTION=128807]Nanducob[/MENTION] has dragged me in to this, well, I'll give this a try.

Shares my craze in heavy metal, rock and all that good stuff. Gets high sometimes (as per his signature), lives in Kerala, spends most of his time on the offtopic thread.

I have a lot to say, about everyone, but my aspergers syndrome makes it hard for me to express myself. Therefore, my apologies.
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