1. J

    Laptop with 4GB RAM

    I need a laptop for my SAP. Please knowledge me.. Price ALAP
  2. deadnoun

    Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 EDGE??

    I'm planning to buy Samsung S7 but bit confused with it -_- Which one is slippery in hands? I'm a Phone breaker -_- and which is Good for photos these are the two things I'm more concerned about. Please knowledge me. Thank's in advance.
  3. E

    Career options for a computer and mobile troubleshooter

    Hey Guys I am asking this on my friend's brother behalf.Hopefully he will be completing his 12th this year.He is good at problem solving and have a deep interest in computers and mobiles.He has very good knowledge of softwares and can almost any software problem whether it is of mobile or...
  4. akii17kr

    Cowon em1 VS knowledge zenith edse ?

    Hello, My I'm looking to buy earphones for my friend Confused between these 2 IEM's. Things he need:- 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass. Not too heavy not too light. 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap one as my friend is kind of rough user.) 4)...
  5. isenberg

    How to increase my knowledge about computers

    Hi, I have just taken admission into engineering college.... but there's nothing much interesting in the cse syllabus... what I want to know is how do I increase my REAL computer knowledge... like how do I know about how websites work, how do I learn about programming, how do I learn about dbms...
  6. RBX

    Project Partners

    I'm looking for people interested in partnering with me for a project. My main aim is to add a project to my resume. Secondary aims include: Learn some teamwork (all my previous projects have been 1 man projects). Learn use of github, sourceforge and the like for versioning, collaboration...
  7. gagan_kumar

    What IMAGE you have of other TDF members....

    To all TDF members this thread as the title suggests is about what kind of image you have of other TDF member...... Basically everyone forms an image of other members in their mind when interacting with them in the forum... for e.g many members think nandcob is a girl Even i have an image for...
  8. sksksksk

    Cerfication in Mumbai

    I want to do certification course in Mumbai related to Cyber Security. I tried finding in on Google... but its not providing enough or quality details I need... Is there anyone or any source which could help me out with it?? I would be much happy if you share your knowledge so it could...
  9. alex00888

    Completed 10+2 .... Dunno what to do ahead! Totally confused !

    Hey guys! Iam from j&k. I recently completed my 10+2. And now I've no idea what to do ahead. I would love to go for BCA but there so much syllabus of mathematics in it and i am very dull in maths. I am currently learning C(3month course) and don't have much knowledge about programming. Are...
  10. N

    Need to buy an wifi +modem for bsnl

    I want both devices in one unit. But I don't know what to purchase as I have no knowledge of wifi routers please suggest routers in fk link max budget is 2k . Please suggest asap . Thanx in advance .:o
  11. makwanamilan96

    Information Of Software

    The name of Software : Selenium i want to know what Actually it does. and How it can help me as i am an Engineer. this Software knowledge is required for Q&A engineer.
  12. gagan_kumar

    need a good digital camera max 15 k budget

    hi i want to buy a new digi cam max worth of 15k here are the requirements high optical zoom FHd recording function > 12 Mp as i have no prior knowledge on this please help me in this matter.... i have shortlisted sony h200 camera also the camera should have manual controls for adjustment
  13. NoasArcAngel

    is this forum paid? for by and run by amd reps?

    its getting really annoying now, and there is no way i can make this accusation be heard, except put it here. Im really disgusted as to first why was my original signature edited? Who the hell gave you the right to do so? i think for the last 2 months i have mentioned at least once in a...

    help regarding a java project

    hey im planning to do a ieee project in java.the project title is Packet Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attack i have never done such projects before.and i have no idea where to start.i do have good knowledge in core java n swing. but dnt knw where to start.can any one help...
  15. Nanducob

    Knowledge of this trick separated the men from the boys in Mario for NES

    A Glitch we were unaware of:P :shock: Knowledge of this trick separated the men from the boys in Mario for NES
  16. JojoTheDragon

    How/What to cook with Olive Oil ?

    Well, I bought a can of "Extra Virgin Olive Oil". Sadly I don't have much knowledge about how to use it. Please share your experience with it. :)
  17. RCuber

    The Orange Box!!

    I was thinking of purchasing the orange box, mainly for Portal and TF2, as I don't want to download 20+ GB of data :P I wanted to know if people here are actively playing TF2, I just don't want to get into a without a friend or much knowledge (read n00b). I might play HF 2 series but not...
  18. R


    Hi , This is rose jones and i am new i wanna share my views and knowledge here...Welcome To All !!!
  19. K

    Microwave Oven for 10k

    Hello guys!! greetings to all!! its festive season and i'm planning to buy a MWO this month!! i have very little knowledge about MWO's so pls suggest the best possible under 10k :smile:
  20. digitaltab

    which certification course for career in IT company and else?

    hi, i am an electronics and communication engineer, passed out in 2011. i joined usha in july and worked there till may, thus having an experience count of 10 months. but then left job, and now i want to make career in IT/hardware/networking organisation as there is vast field and growth of...
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