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The best broadband offers available across India

Mahesh Babu

cyrux said:
Not true at all. Prices never fell by 50% . Its just that they added a paln which gives 256kbps for a d/l limit of 400 Mb which turns out to be costlier than te HOME 500 plan (here they give 1 Gb for 500)...so dont take it from them...thats an eye wash..beware every body
400MB is sufficient for many users.So its a good deal.Just Go GO Go Go for it


Commander in Chief
Mr.BABU u have a BSNL broad or sify ?(dont mislead...)
400 mb is jus too LOW LOW LOW for even home browsin a month..

Dont go for it, better go for the 2nd plan @ 500pm at 1gb per month...

Mahesh Babu

QwertyManiac said:
Mr.BABU u have a BSNL broad or sify ?(dont mislead...)
400 mb is jus too LOW LOW LOW for even home browsin a month..

Dont go for it, better go for the 2nd plan @ 500pm at 1gb per month...
Hey dear I have sify

But for many people who dont download pirated softwares,movies etc.. 400MB is just enough.Ya Rs 500 for 1 GB is also good and that too at 256kbps speed.So its worth the money


Commander in Chief
MOVIES ond SOFTWARES and 400 MB limit???????
R u gone crazy ?
a movie amounts to 1.2 gb atleast and bout softies, not all download them...


Commander in Chief
Oh so thats y my NFS car crashed ?
Outta control buddy for what ?
for downloadin movies at a limit of 400mb and pay more per month ?

Sorry very much if u r offended , never meant it as u thought it buddie.
SRRy if offended


In Deniel
400MB C'mon People! i can waste that in 2Hours :twisted: heck, when i ahd 256k i used 100MB just in 1 Hour! :shock: it's weird, BSNL is rolling Unlimited Plans still users crib about Caps, BSNL better set the time to 12am, i don't think, any one would wake till 2am to downloads tuff, unless well it's those Superb HD game Videos :p if you look at it, any one with a 512k Plan can easily Save almost 4GBs if they do downoading at happy hours, taht is supposing people use the 1GB for normal surfing :D lemme see, i am good with 512kbps for now :D although, i 'd wished BSNL Rolled a 1Mbps unlimited for Rs.1000/- Per Month :eek: it's actaully still expensive considering you can get a 4Mbps uncapped for Rs.1400/- per Month in Korea :shock: oh well, i will be happy with 1Mbps :D


In the zone
no its wrong news buddy
the 250 bucks scheme has a 400 mb limit with no night free scheme
the 500 rs wala scheme has got a 1gb limit and free hrs too.


O_O! That's bad. I never read about that and thought they were offering 1GB for about Rs.250/month. Anyway, 400MB per month for Rs.250 is not bad, I guess. Does this include both upload and download or only downloads?


hello ppl,
i am getting a 5 networks connection 128 Kbps unlimited for 3750 for 6 months.
any ideas abt this 5 networks connection?
their service,speeds,as to whether they block ports or no and are there frequent downtimes?

Pls reply.


ok so

new plan

RS.250 pm. 400 mb limit 256 kbps speed right

old plan

Rs. 500 pm 1gb limit 256 kbps speed.

how does the calculation of 50% cut in prices arise from this????????? thats the big question? i dont think even the government can answer that.


Broken In
saying that broadband will come today tomorrow.. ..... for 4 months..

Now only it is going to be launched in our town.

But at starting itself there is a problem...
I paid for Type-I (rs.1200) modem which is both usb and ethernet compatible..( that's what said in BSNL website ).

But, yesterday the technician called me up and said that I shud have a ethernet card.. when I said the above details..he refused and said the details may be wrong.....

can somebody say is Type-I modem compatible with USB or not???

Now I have to waste another 400bucks on that ethernet card.


Broken In
also those technicians seems to have no knowledge about computers.

He asked whether ur computer is windows98,2000,xp. I told that it is Me. He is saying to his colleague that it (Windows Me)may be the new OS.
The new plan shift is a complete jerk's decision. Earlier you paid Rs. 500 for 1 GB and now you pay Rs. 250 for 400 MB? What foolish ministry calculation is this? I thought the half of 1 GB would be 512 MB, to be approximate, it would have been 500 MB. This 100 MB loss came out of no where. And there is no free night browsing scheme either. You get free downloads/uploads from 2 in the night to 8 in the morning and thats only for plans above and including Rs. 500 a month. Home 500 is the best plan to take up with, because Home250 sucks!


Broken In
airtel is good according to one user here in lucknow...what about the mtnl offer....they have come out with lower rates but i think where they will make the actual money will be in the mb download...


Staff member
Retro said:
I really get huffed and puffed when I hear ISP's calling 64Kbps - "Broadband" when some of my foreign friends get 1Mbps Unlimited Downloads & Uploads at rates as cheap as Rs.1000/month.

Morover, I used to stuck with IQARA broadband previously which is the worst ISP ever and I warn you "Never Ever buy packages from Iqara. You'll regret it for a lifetime". I mean, they provide what other ISP's provide for 1 month for 1 whole year. See the first page for some schemes. "500 MB/year (Includes Both uploads and downloads) for around Rs.1000". And, their lousy cables can't even bare rains. My Connection never worked for 1 Week after a small spell of rain and I was frustrated to the core. Their so-called Unlimited Broadband runs at 28 & 64kbps speed which they should be ashmed to call broadband. Overall, they are a horrible service and all their words are fake, so I warn you not to try Iqara at all.

Well, here's my experience with Iqara.

I live in Bandra West. I have Iqara as an ISP. Even the torrential rains last month, where half of mumbai was flooded till the first floor did not stop my internet connection. It didn't go down for a minute even! I have a 256 Kbps plan and i get between 30 to 35 (steady) KByte speeds.

Also, I think 500 MB per year is ridiculous, but for, say my in-laws, who use the Net very sparingly, checking mail once a week, and no surfing. This is an amazing plan. I also had a friend who went abroad for 7 months, and came back to still have his internet connection working... no bills, no disconnection, no reconnection charges, nothing!

So yes, though it is pointless for me and 99% of other people, at least Iqara is offerring that 1% minority an option of very low usage, long term scheme.

PS: Their helpdesk sucks, and the women there don't know a thing. Though I must confess to not have too many complaints thus far :D

I have downloaded about 100 GB in the last 5 months on my iqara connection, mainly software for the Digit DVDs :) and loads of game demos!

Though I do agree that it's about time people started offering unlimited 512 kbps connections for 24 hrs at reasonable prices.



Cyborg Agent
Here ...
Agra new ISP ..

Name : Epics
Planned offered : 64/ 128 /256 (unlimited)
Prices: Rs. 700 / 1200 /2200 per month
Mode of providing internet : WiFi (COOOL) :D
Services: On my fingertips :p, The owner calls me sometimes to sort out few of probs.. Though they have some so called qualified guys.. (so much qualified that they think having two or more lan connection can disturb internet ) :p ..
They have few downtimes but its basically bcoz they are new and hence they can be called in beta stage. But even my missed call get the internet to normal :p

Little more details : I tried 64 kbps but it was not efficient / then now 128 kbps.. it really gives you 128 kbps.. now thinking to move to 256 kbps but waiting for fall in price ! In day time there speed decreases a bit but still its very good.


In the zone
ISP: Iqara
City: Pune
Specific Areas:
Plan Name: IQ Value
Speed Offered: 256k
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb): 1024mb
Validity: 31 days
Price: Rs 661/-
Comments: A Little too high for 256k but kya kare thats the best on what im getting here !!!
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