1. PradeepSN

    ACT Blast Promo Plan is Incredible

    Wooww!! 1TB data with 100 Mbps is really huge that too just for 1049. Waiting for what Jio is going to offer. Definitely it will be bigger than ACT :emoji_joy::emoji_joy: .
  2. B

    Download speed fluctuations

    Hi Friends, My cousin got a new SHITtel connection. His plan's bandwidth is 8mbps. But the download speed that he's getting is fluctuating. He should get 1mbps download speed (I know it won't be constant but we were expecting something near to it) as per his plan but he's getting anything...
  3. Charley

    BSNL Broadband - Webites load Slow

    I'm on the 1199 bsnl bb plan & I get speed of 1.6 Mbps+. But the website loading speed and video running speed is slow since March 21 on PC, laptop and mobile. What could be the reason? I read somewhere changing DNS will improve speed. Is it true? As per my settings in TCP/IP [Win XP], the...
  4. patkim

    Unganged and mixing two RAM pairs – different size & latency

    I have Gigabyte 880GM USB3 board that supports 4 memory slots. Dual Channel slots are 1-3 & 2-4. I have Corsair 2 + 2 GB (1333 Mhz CL 9) RAM sticks in slots 1 & 3. Now I wish to add Corsair 4 + 4 GB (1600 CL 11) in slot 3 & 4. Motherboard manual mentions However can I safely mix pairs...
  5. N

    Slow Upload Speed

    I have been getting slow upload speed since a rain in last week.But I have normal download speed.Frequent disconnection of bsnl broadband.Sometimes DSL link light modem was OFF.Sometimes it was ON but internet light OFF.There was also a lot of noise on the telephone line.Whenever it worked...
  6. B

    Diagnosing lapotop fan

    Hello Friends, I play games on my laptop once or twice a week for 4-5 hours. Yesterday after playing NFS-Rivals the fan of the laptop never slowed to the normal speed, it only did after I restarted the laptop. Now there is very low noise, like there's something stuck in between the fans. I...
  7. IronCruz

    Fast internet but slow wifi!?

    I use Digisol DG-BG4100N Wireless Broadband Router, with BSNL 4Mbps ULD plan. Everything was going smooth and fine, but recently, internet speed used through wifi has become slow-ish i guess. I came to know about it when i opened instagram and app got freezed/slow loading/not responding. I re...
  8. Akira

    TRAI redefines minimum Broadband speed- now at blazing fast 512kbps.

    for TRAI it seems the pressure from telecom companies to not revise the minimum broadband speed to a more reasonable definition was too much. Indian telecom operators use this astounding -- and completely anti-consumer -- practice of Fair Use Policy where after a consumers has used some 10GB or...
  9. TheSloth

    Unable to Seed

    Hey I am using Tixati torrent client. ISP is Bangalore ACT. Last week i downloaded stuff of 4GB with normal speed, but seeding was so slow that it took 4days!! 2 days back I downloaded again but now its not even seeding.The seeding is almost nil. Seeing this for past 3-4 days. ratio will...
  10. S

    LYF USB theater giving 1/4 speed after updating APN!

    I used to get 600KBps in LYF flame 4 handset with Jio. If I tether that device with my PC using a USB cable, I get a speed of 2.4-3 MBps. I bought this Flame 4 only to get faster internet in PC. recently I had issues with YouTube video not properly loading in Jio, made a complaint, a technician...
  11. TechnoBOY

    BSNL to soon increase minimum post FUP broadband speed to 1Mbps

    Laying a milestone in Indian broadband landscape, countries largest broadband provider BSNL will soon increase the minimum broadband speed from existing 512Kbps to 1Mbps across all its unlimited plans. The new tariff will come into effect from August 1st, 2016 on PAN India basis cites a source...
  12. S

    Improving processing speed of laptop

    I have replaced motherboard in my laptop. After replacing, the speed of laptop is too low. What can I do to increase the speed?
  13. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest average broadband connection speed in APAC

    Nothing unusual here.. Source:India record lowest broadband connection speed in Asia-Pacific region at 3.5 Mbps in Q1: Akamai
  14. bestpain

    mini keyboard for laptop

    i need a keyboard which is lightweight and easy to carry. i usually code all the time ...so my keyboard should not effect my typing speed. budget less than 1k.
  15. Rajat_Biswal

    Jio 4G

    Jio 4G speed is super amazing. This is the speed I got using Jio. 4 to 7MB/s or as average speed of 5MB/s To get Jio SIM Contact Reliance Jio employee, anyone selling LYF smartphone at you local place or register on jio.com Then you have to buy any LYF smartphone. But I'll say buy those...
  16. mastersquall

    router for controlling speed of LAN

    Hi guys, In my office i have airtel internet connection which is shared by all pc and mobile. problem is that when i am not there most people watch youtube or etc when they are idle which i don't mind you can't keep working all day . But only issue is that due this my FUP of airtel vanished in...
  17. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest internet speeds in Asia

    This was expected No surprises there: India internet speeds the lowest in Asia – Tech FU Failtel and other ISPs with retarded FUP limits and post-FUP speeds. :mad:
  18. ithehappy

    I can't download the torrents I used to download

    Since moving to a cable based broadband I can't download the same torrents I used to with BSNL without any problems. I can't mention which those are but whatever. For some torrents the download won't even start, for some it does, but the speed is less of a quarter of my bandwith! I have tried...
  19. Desmond

    Rate your ISP

    Hi, I am creating this thread so that people can rate their experiences with their ISPs. I encouraged posters to be as verbose as possible when writing a summary of their experiences. Also, I recommend that posters post their own experiences with the ISP they are *currently* using and not for...
  20. RageshAntony

    BSNL evdo is very slow in my area. Please help ?

    I am using BSNL EVDO connection. I am living at Uthangudi , Madurai , Tamil Nadu . My problem is my connection is dead slow that is i am getting Transfer rate in downloads at 10-25 KBps , even in night time. Since the promised speed is 1 Mbps the transfer speed must be ~ 100 KBps. But I got...
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