1. D

    urgent..router for home 4bhk

    TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router is my previous router. Can't tell the exact model number but i was not getting range in adjacent room and few other areas due to wall may be. It has gone kaput now and I need one urgent. Suggest one which is stable and good through walls.
  2. panacea_amc

    Nikon D5100 or Cannon D1200: confused again!

    Hello guys, I am a first timer to DSLR thing and after reading reviews, am confused again. I went through some pics in flicker. # D1200 (Cannon) shows up grains in not so bright areas. plz look at this pic in the tree areas, grains are easily visible =...
  3. RBX

    Suggestions for M.Tech. dissertation topic (Computer Science)

    I wanted to make something on Neural Networks and went for their application on Cryptanalysis but found that substantial research has been already done, then my guide suggested the topic 'an analysis of methods and accuracy of financial markets using neural networks' -- I can tell by a simple...
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    You get full meal for Rs12 : Raj Babbar

  5. funskar

    Uttarakhand govt reject choopers from Gujrat Govt

    Uttarakhand Govt rejected 24 choppers offered by Gujarat Govt for rescue work in the flood affected areas. Shame on this khangress Govt... Times Now k
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Suggest grey market dealers in bangalore!

    I am in bangalore planning to buy a blackberry 32gb playbook. I have been scouting around and i can find that the cheapest 32gb playbook is for 15.5k with standard bill and warranty. I have been told that areas like national market, majestic and burma bazaar offer grey market goods at...
  7. T

    Indo-Bangla enclave exchange treaty

    PM is on a state visit to Bangladesh. It is news everywhere that some areas of Assam and West Bengal will be gifted to Bangladesh. Big areas like Dhubri in Assam will be gifted. So, expect a change in the Map of Assam and India. Source : Headlines Today News Channel. And : NDTV My views...
  8. I

    Inkjet or Laser

    Hi, Hi guys, please tell me when should the criteria to choose Laser printer or Inkjet printer? What are the areas of applications of these two kind of printers??? Thank you,
  9. Who

    Need a place in Pune

    Hey all, My friend needs a place in pune for a month , here is a bit of detail He needs a place to stay in Pune in July. Preferably near, Baner/Sus Road/Baner-Pashan Link Road or maybe even at Aundh ( but on the Baner side of Aundh ). He doesn't want to rent a flat for a month, which i...
  10. R2K

    Blurry Vertical lines on LCD monitor

    I purchased a Acer H163HQ LCD monitor before 2 days. Yesterday i found blurry words in certain areas of the screen. The only place the words are blurry is in three vertical lines; left, center, and right side of the screen. The lines are about one inch wide and run from top of the screen to the...
  11. A

    Homework Help For Math

    At Home Tuition offer is an Online Tutoring Platform offer programs to learn English online for all subject areas. Learn English with online tutor and you can acquire many benefits and advantages.(*
  12. N

    how to keep the laptop clean..?

    i have this CS model of VAIO which is a bit shiny. When i use it, my fingerprints leave markings on the wrist resting areas and then dust gathers in those fingerprint areas.. color is black and dust is visible to naked eye.. it looks very untidy.. is there any way i can keeep it clean..? how...
  13. P

    Which is best broand band for rural areas?

    Friends my friend wants to buy broad band connection and he is rural area in southern india any body tell me the best plan suitable for rural areas and Tell me advantages.
  14. D


    can anyone tell me how to survive in radioactive areas in stalker???????
  15. M

    How to edit this particular blogger layout?

    Friends, I recently downloaded a blogger theme from a site (in .xml format). But as shown in image below I cant't edit the circled areas. How I can do so? btw here's the HTML code for this template: * pls help
  16. bikdel

    Cheap, Rugged phone with good battery.

    I need a cheap phone at around 2-3k. should be rugged and sturdy build should be ergnomic should be responsive to use should have a clear screen easy to view should catch the network really well should give me at least 3-4 days battery backup under normal use calling n sms should be easy as...
  17. N

    Huge performance boost... I think

    I just got my new computer working, and while I'm very satisfied with the performance increase, I'm a little confused about some of the results of my comparisons. My previous cpu was an Athlon 64 3400+ with a Radeon x1900gt and 1gig of ram. Honestly, it was fine. It took everything I threw at...
  18. Rockstar11

    Delhi wakes up to earthquake jolts

    NEW DELHI: A minor earthquake rattled New Delhi and adjoining areas early on Monday morning, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. An official with the Indian Meteorological Department, which monitors earthquakes, said the 4.3-magnitude quake was only felt in New Delhi...
  19. adithyagenius

    How to play Oblivion? What's the objective?

    I played many good RPGs like diablo2 lod, deus ex, neverwinter knights, Gothic 1&2. In all these games, I do everything in one areas before triggering advancement to next area. Stats and skills are upgraded to uber levels early by doing side and main missions in a specific order and training...
  20. S

    tell a software to make map with clickable areas??

    hi guys 8) i want to use map in my website which should have clickable areas i know that i can do it using only html using map tag but it it very time consuming so help me out ,just give name of software that can do this for me. :roll:
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