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The best broadband offers available across India


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Sify Broadband Sucks

Well i was a using Sify Broadband and when my pack expired as usual they called up to renew my pack, i said i got exams and stuff i will renew it later. But they renewed it up and call me to pay up. But my sis fired them off. Thoughtthis was due to earlier payment dispute. Then after the exams i saw it was renewed.
They call me up again when i started using it. I refused payment and they disconnected the line. A few days later they renew it again and ask u to pay up this has now happened 3 times in a row and even after giving them clear statements that u renew my account if they want to give it to me for free.
This is what is happening and an using net for free during day time as i got Iqara 256 kbps unlimited connection for the night @ 550 pm (including taxes)


I recently got my MTNL TRIBAND TRAIL RUN.
Its FREE of cost.
they offer 256Kbps speed with 200 MB limit.
It is really working well.
Still to get my hands at downloads


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techmastro tribands speeds are good but u will run out of 200 MBs very fast even if u dont download much. Normal surfing ie checking mails, visiting forums and chatting will itself consume ur 200 MBs within 15 days. ANd if u start downloading then....


I am in delhi.
I register myself on 1500 for trail run.
After few days they will install all necessary components (wiring ,modem) for free.
Please note it is free for 200 mb after that they will apply DSL399 plan.


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is the mtnl connection only available in delhi bombay area ?is it also available in smaller cities(non-metro cities) like lucknow? any idea?
Just want to know how many aDSL users have line filters installed for their phones.

Overseas, my ISP (Pacific) provided line filters for every phone in the house. Over here, I have Airtel, but they haven't given any line filters for my phones. I haven't found the need to install one as there's no buzzing/disturbance on the phone when my DSL modem is ON (24hrs).



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just how good is airtel broadband? they have recently landed in lucknow...what is the speed???is the coneection good(in terms of connectivity etc)? how good is there help support system in case the customer has some problem? i've been told that sify has a horrible reputation when it come to connectivity and help support system...is it true???


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Yes, I do have a Sify and their support is *miserable*. The only reason I took Sify is because their office is above ours

Airtels tariff can be viewed at http://airtel-broadband.com .

Im on 512 KbPS plan for broadband from Airtel. Their support is pervasive! I've no issues with them.


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Line filter was installed within a day after I got my DSL connection. I too use Airtel in Bangalore. Altho there was no voice distrotion earlier they still carried out and did the installation.
Can u tell me where can i buy line filters from in Mumbai. I recently had MTNL Triband connection installed and they installed one filter which came with the modem on the on phone that i had near my PC.

And MTNL Triband is really great. I have a DSL NU plan in which i get 12 midnight to 8 am free but with a small technical problem from MTNL's side. I have to switch off the modem and the back on at around 12 midnight to avail of the free download time. :roll:


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If you mean the DSL splitter, it comes with your connection. But you need to subscribing to an Airtel phone line to avail Airtel Broadband...


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mine is

ISP: Pacenet India
City: Mumbai
Specific Areas: Goregaon,Malad,Kandivali
Plan Name:dunno
Speed Offered:40 kbps
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb):Unlimited
Validity:1 month
Price: Rs.500/-
Comments: Good for normal uers...


Connections according to useage

Well ,if ur going in for broadband connection u got to keep in mind few things like the speed offered the data transfer plan and most importantly the service,,, i had some problem initially from my ISP coz his services were not good & never provided proper speeds ,,,I use to hardly get any download speeds some times only around 2-3kb and half of the time the connection wouldnt work my ISP guys use to give me lame excuses like the cables got cut due to the heavy rains the hub got spoilt and c| r|a| p of that sort...

so see for these two important things. I dont know exactly how the scene is in mumbai but hear in Hyderabad its bad we have few ISP's like hathway Sify and BSNL well in these 3 ISP's mentioned i feel BSNL is good (its a ADSL connection) and then there are these other small business ppl who buy connections from some big company and distribute it in small colonies

OK LETS get to the actual stuff this is how i feel u should choose ur ISP i categorised the ppl who use the internet into 3 parts

FIRST KIND - Well basically this type of ppl download games, music, browse and play online Games (counter strike most probably) & stuff of that sort so in short lots of bandwith is being consumed so take a connection that give u unlimited Date Transfer and and speeds around 128kbps to 512kpbs it may cost initially around 1500-2000 Rs and later around 700-1000 Rs per month

SECOND KIND - ok this group of ppl will basically use the internet to check emails or chat with relatives who live outside india or connect to office servers from home to complete their work so 64kbps should b more than enough but if u want Video confrence then go in for a 128 kbps and the Data transfer rate should be around 1 GB per month

THIRD KIND - Well this Kind of ppl can also be called grandparents kind they basically use the net to see their grand childrens latest Bday pics and talk to their children in the US or UK :p for these kind of ppl i say 64 to 128 kpbs is more than enough and the speeds are not important its the sevice that counts

So this is what i think if u think u can be categorised into 1 of these 3 kinds then take my advice else do what u feel is right


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Hey Guys i just Got BSNL Dataone, Amazing! :shock: currently downloading, The Rock vs. SToneCold Steve Austin Match from WrestleMania XIX, Speeds Are 24-29KBps, currently have a home 256k Plan, Don't worry, i will increase it to 384kbps the guy said i need to Submit a "Form" to increase it. whatever! currently i am flying high, but damn the merey 1GB Cap, so good, yet so bad, :( surely wish they introduce a 512k unlimited Plan@1200 Month/- that wud rock! :D
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