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expertno.1 said:
ISP:Airtel Cellular Rajasthan (Bharti)
City:Kota (Rajasthan)
Specific Areas:Allmost entire india...price differs in every state....
Plan Name:Airtel Mobile Office
Speed Offered: 1)80 Kbps.....i.e get 8KB/s MAXX (without EDGE)
2)256 Kbps....i.e 25.6 KB/s MAXX (with EDGE)
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb):UNLIMITED
Validity:1 Month
Price:mad:395 per month......just do easy recharge of 395.....and get the net ready within 24 hr.....
Comments:REally Good....full internet at your hand and PC.....
download :- 26mb/hour @ 7.5 KB/s

Status:Server Never Down......
Full Speed Always.........

my comments :- ab download karna hai to isse accha kya ??
i download 250 mb daily ...only from 12 am to 9 dont miss any calls.......

So what ? Download 7500 MB / Month only running in night times...on your current gprs mobile............

PLUS :- If u own Symbian mobiles like n70 ,etc you can listen to radio chhanels using mundu need to fill your mmc .......any channel of shoutcast can be added......80 kbps streams doesn't sound BAd.....
See the Pic.....

Provide Internet To Any Pc................................................
Move here and there with internet in your hand.....................

I study in the outskirts of jaipur, got slow speeds and how to make sure that edge is not available in my area. My 3230 has edge but still get max speed of 8KBps and avg 2-3KBps. Any remedy?


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ISP: Reliance Broadnet - WiMax
City: Bangalore
Specific Areas: Covers a major portion of the city
Plan Name: N/A
Speed Offered: Upto 2mbps
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb): 4GB / month
Validity: 1 month
Price: 750 Rs./ month. Initial payment- 562 Rs. (non-refundable)
Comments: This connection is quite good and v stable. The plan is suitable for people like me who play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft which require high bandwidth but minimal data usage.

The connection was setup in a week's time and the support is also good.


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ISP: Exatt Broadband
City: Thane, Mumbai, etc
Specific Areas: --don't know--(I am in Thane(east))
Plan Name: XB SU 10 GB (single user 10 GB)
Speed Offered: 256 kbps download; Upload varies between 64-256 kbps
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb): 10 Gb/per month
Validity: 30 days or till data transfer quote empties
Price:Rs. 400 plan price + Rs. 130 LAN maintainance charges
Positive points:
1. Low price

Negative points:
1. Customer service not so impressive and professional. So have to depend upon your LAN operator(my good luck that he is very-co-operative)

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What about Punjab. I am from patiala, punjab. I pay 990 Rs + Taxes. I have got an unlimited connection, 256kbps and a download speed of 30 kbps. I want to change my ISP, currently it is connect, is there an ISP that offers better plan at less rate.

I tried to search everywhere on the internet but couldn't find anything better. I don't want to use the phone service, only internet.
In Bangalore I guess Airtel 750 and 999 plans are great
Plan 750: 256Kbps dedicated symmetric UL, No phone or Modem rental
Plan 999: 384Kbps dedicated symmetric UL, no Ph aur modem rental.
BSNL EVDO: 2.4Mbps(shared) UL, 500pm, plus 200pm for Wireless Modem. W-CDMA Based.Not sure how good is QOS(quality of service.)


I study in the outskirts of jaipur, got slow speeds and how to make sure that edge is not available in my area. My 3230 has edge but still get max speed of 8KBps and avg 2-3KBps. Any remedy?

3230 will only provide you with max speeds of 12-13 KB/s even if u have EDGE . (it has 118 kbps max speed of EDGE)

if u get 8KBps and 2-3 KB/s its normal GPRS .....
to confirm EDGE in your area just borrow anyone of your friends N73 or 5700 "it will show E sign for EDGE"



Can someone suggest about Sify night Unlimited Plan......nd other providers in CHANDIGARH.


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m stayin near indranagar 80ft n was shocked wen airtel brdband ppl told tat they dont hv conn line in our area....can ne1 tel me best alternative here...

i enquired hathaway but only 256kbps for UL
i need UL atleast 384kbps....better if within 1100 bux/mnth
plz suggest...

ps: wud also like 2 knw how mch time bsnl ppl take these days...

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Hello guys,
Could you please tell me how many days I have to wait to get a BSNL Dataone broadband connection (Home 500C+ - I dont have landline) in Aminjikarai area of Chennai???

And do I get a speed of around 200KB /sec in aminjikarai (upto 2mbps)??


Is the 1350UL BANL Plan available in Kolkata as it seems my speed of 2 MBps upto 15 GB and then 512 kbps is being scrapped.
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