1. B

    SHITtel broadband users, this is for you

    Hi Guys, SHITtel has decreased the per month cost of each plan and increased the monthly data limit thanks to India ka raja Ambani. Anyways they are not sending sms or email regarding the same to its users. So, kindly check the best plan in your area as of now and decide accordingly-...
  2. B

    BSNL broadband giving 10gb data per day @249 pm

    Highlights: 1. Under the new plan, customers can download '10GB per day' data by paying monthly charges of Rs 249 2. The new unlimited wireline broadband service plan will offer 2Mbps speed 3. Users can also make unlimited free calls to any network without any additional...
  3. M

    Query about BSNL 1099 3G Plan

    Hello everyone I would like to know whether BSNL's 1099 3G Plan (with NO FUP) is a temporary or permanent plan? Any ideas? I am thinking of using this plan for my internet needs using a Dongle. Will also disconnect my existing wired connection because of pathetic service by the ISP. Thanks
  4. jackal_79

    Entry level new promotional unlimited BB plans 'Experience Unlimited BB249 w.e.f 09-09-2016

    New Entry Level Plan: * S No. Particulars Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 1 Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB, Upto 1 Mbps beyond 2 Applicability All new customers in all the circle...
  5. saswat23

    BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099

    Sources: BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099 | NDTV BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction | Launche BSNL gives unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099, doubles data limit for existing plans - Times of Indi
  6. S

    Essential Strategies for GRE Test Preparation

    Golden Tips to crack GRE: Analyze your strength and weakness Make a Personalized Study plan Practice, Practice makes you Perfect Take GRE and get your Dream GRE score
  7. kg11sgbg

    How is Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata?

    How is the Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata? I am interested in their Fiber Stream 40 Plan. It is Rs.900/- per month having 25Mbps till 40GB and 1 Mbps thereafter,unlimited... Info from Hathway Kolkata Tariff Presently on BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1495 Plan. It's too costly compared to...
  8. sujoyp

    Best STD plan for long talks bet mumb-guj ;)

    Hi Guys, I got engaged last week, now I am in mumbai and girl in ahmedabad. So looking for a nice std plan which can make STD 20-30ps per/min. I can get a new sim if required. Right now I have vodafone postpaid and already STD is 50ps/min . As our talks are increasing day by day I am sure...
  9. montsa007

    Unlimited / FUP 3G Plan for Dongle?

    Location : Mumbai Budget: 1-1.7k/Month Speed Required : 1 Mbps or better Use : Torrenting on the NAS Box which runs 24*7 Connected via : USB Dongle Was using the MTNL 1600-1700 UL plan, cannot find any alternative.
  10. C

    Odd even number plate plan

    As you may know that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had formulated an odd even number plate plan as an attempt to reduce the amount of air pollution in Delhi. I have a feeling that this plan will not be a success as there are a variety of problems that are and may work against the successful implementation...
  11. Flash

    India’s Modi wants to woo Silicon Valley, but censorship and privacy fears grow at home

    Modi’s intent “is to showcase what a big market India is to Silicon Valley for start-ups and to create an environment that will attract technology companies to invest in India,” according to Arvind Gupta, the National Technology Head of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi’s big push is called...
  12. ashs1

    Some tips for first job.

    HI guys.. I recently got placed in a small firm for the finance dept. Its not a much paying job, but the place seems to be favoured by the freshers for the exposure & experience. This is my first job after i finished my college this year & i am a bit nervous about it. Can you post some...
  13. jkultimate

    Time taken to change the bb plan.?

    Just changed the plan from ULD 650 to ULD 999 from Selfcare bsnl site. Done that on 24 - 7 - 2015 last friday eve and till now no change in speed or plan. Done google search and found that some guys experienced change in 2 days and some guy's plan changed even within some hours of submitting...
  14. S

    Help In Gaming PC

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: For the moment, mostly Gaming. Later on will use it for some...
  15. P

    Recommend some affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plans in Kolkata

    I wanted your inputs on an affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plan in Kolkata for my parents to use their GSM Andriods on (actually these are CDMA chipsets with 4G ability and thus also work on GSM). The assumptions are: 1. Their cable connection at home provides them...
  16. R

    Best Broadband Plan in banglore near Bombanahali 68

    Previous i was using BBNL yeshwanthpura 10Mbps(around 1.2MBps unlimited plan for 1.3k ) now i am moved to bombanahali i find BBNL is unavailable here only i could find is ACT/Airwire Airwire Broadband Connections vs ACT Broadband | Broadband High Speed | Internet Connection |...
  17. F

    3G dongle for use in Bangalore

    Hello Friends I m using MTS Mbalze postpaid 3G plus 999 plan. Recently I have been downgraded from 40Gb plan to 15GB day + 15Gb night plan. I m planning to shift to any other data provider. Please suggest the best option available in Bangalore. Monthly Budget: Rs 1000-1500 Data Required: Min...
  18. A

    tikona in west delhi services ?

    i am currently using mtnl 512 kbps plan and i pay around 700 ₹ to 800 ₹ depending on calls made via landline ... tikona plan look good especially 4 mpbs *30 gb fup* after that 512 kbps so any one in west delhi using there services ? is customer care support good enough ? also what is...
  19. P

    Urgent pc Cabinet At 4-7k

    Hi guys i gave away my main pc to my brother recently,now i have my old rig Here is my config, this rig will be 2 years old this august. Zebronics poor rs700 cabinet Nvidia gtx 650ti booost 1gb (Palit manufactured) 1.5tb seagate Hdd 4gb ram 3.5k elitegroup motherboard Intel pentium...
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