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The best broadband offers available across India


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lol thats the same case with me too.
though i am unable to download 1gb each day
i usually stay in the limit of 650 mb-800 mb per night.(ie 11.00pm to 7.00 am)


1 Gb per night. Holy , thats a lot man which service are u using... ?
Hey how is TataIndicom broadband ? anyone here using it ?

Mahesh Babu

tata is very costly and they too have download limits.
Get sify which is the only ISP having good speeds,cheap,half-limited downloads.


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Ok Ppl..

In Mumbai is anyone using MTNL Triband DSL NU Plan.. i.e. night unlimited from 0000 hrs to 0800 hrs.. and 500 MB in daytime for a month

hows it?? is it worth it?? i mean will we easily exceed 500 MB or what?? or which other Triband offer will u ppl suggest


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ISP:amogh broadband [agent RR networks]
Specific Areas:RR nagar
Plan Name:dont know
Speed Offered:96kbps
Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb):100GB
Validity:1 month
Price: INR 750/-
Comments: have been using for quite a while now. speed is ok. w/flashget i get speed of around 25kbps. otherwise its 10kbps.


I've another query regarding MTNL NU scheme.
How much data do they allow to download during night time (from 12 am to 8am),ie, their unlimited time.
Is it possible to download 500MB to 700 MB data every night during this period?
Currently I use Sify Unlimited broadband connection, but downloading is restricted to about 100 to 150 MB each day.


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hey khandu and rohan...
i`m using mtnl triband NU.... the max speeds i get is 27KB... :( but thats the case in my area ...
between 12-8 you can easily download anywhere betwen 500- 900 MB(there is no MB limit between 0000hrs - 0800 hrs). i usually do 650 download + 650 U/l .. so that is 1.2 gb up and down!!
it certaininly rocks cause speeds are constant, no downtime (ADSL works even if the phone`s dead, as i discovered last week :D ) ..
they seem to be having a billig problem right now.. but that would be sorted out soon..
it certainly better then many other schemes of other isp`s..


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Huzefa said:
1 Gb per night. Holy , thats a lot man which service are u using... ?
well its already been said: its a cable provider(local)gives good enough speeds and most of the night time its pretty constant(between 2.amto 7am)but the time between 11.pm to 1am is pretty eratic;download speeds vary between 34KBps to 15KBps but after that time period speeds zoom upto 40 and sometimes 60 KBps and that too when i am on a 256kbps connection.


I am planning to go in for broadband . There are two parts to my question please read both.
Ofcourse, I did search the forums but I did not find the relevant answers.If however you do find something please link me to that.


I would like to know your comments, opinions, complaints against any of the following companies and their packages.

They are,

1. Mtnl Triband

2. Hathway

3. Tata Indicom Broadband

These are the 3 companies from which I can get myself connected.


These are with regards to Hathway

I spoke to Hathway and they have showed me two plans which are suitable for my requirement.

:) 255 Kbps speed 1Gb download limit Rs. 500 Validity 1 month
:) 64 Kbps speed UNLIMITED Rs. 500 Validity 1 month

What is the good part of these 2 plans apart from the speed and download limit. Does the speed difference really matter understanding that one has Limited downlod limit and the other has Unlimited download limit so each compensates for the other.
They provide the connection through a cable modem.

Is Hathway really good . If you have used it please tell me . Is their service , uptime good .

Is there any download limit like only abt 200 mb's a day or so.



Can I open network neighbourhood and see the other persons computer connected and access all his files and data.
He said that this connection will be done thorugh a modem and he assures me that my data will not be seen by the other person through his computer.


What is a static IP address . I know that it means that this IP is connected to my computer and this is my computer nos. when it connects to the internet so in that case can I do ,

start -> run and type //$ Assuming that is my static IP address . In a LAN if I do this I can see the persons C drive .

Thanks for your time and patience .


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Hey i live in chennai but am not able to contact sify on any of thier ph nos...
Can somebody provide me a workin no. ? :?:


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You should have asked this question separately..
I will be brief.. ;)

I am not residing in ur area but uptill now Hathway is best on the basis of opinion of many users.

Go for 64 kbps unlimited if you do downloads.. as I have checked that even on 64 kbps, I crosses 100 mb a day.. so it means in 10 or 12 days you will cross 1 GB.

And if your normal surfing is limited to chating and mail checking, sometimes little website surfing then you can go for 256 kbps/ 1 gb limit.
On 256 kbps you will get your work finished faster though..

But on 64 kbps you will have real liberty .
My suggestion : 64 kbps / unlimited..

Btw.. ask them if its Shared or dedicated. Go for dedicated.

Hmm.. when you get static IP then you should use Firewalls. On static IP nothing is secure.. but be convienced. its OK .. ;) Norton personal firewall ..


Static IP means you have been given a particular address for your computer.

other is dynamic ip.. = it changes every time you connect to internet.

Hmm.. about your data.. you have to make sure that no file is shared on your computer.. just done!


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Airtel broadband 256 kbps unlimited

hi all
im from thiurvanmyur chennai , got airtel broadband 256 kbps and the download speed is 31 KBPS and its unlimited.
plus free land phone conneciton without rental ,if we call the charges are 1.10/pulse.

no installaiton charges , just 500 for registration .

montly rental 500
DSL modem rental 100

P.S. Actually the download limit is 1gb and 2 /mb for addinitional downlaods as a introudcutory offer there is no downlaod cap til 31st oct 2005 . so take it n use it til 1st nov as there is no installation charge.

- Praveen


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Right now I am staying in Chennai. I am eager to have a cable broadband connection. Do anyone here have such connection in chennai?

I found Hathway offer very attractive. As my concern was mainly downloading rather than just checking mails, I zeroed on the unlimited download offers. Hathway is offering it at 64 KBps at Rs. 500/month. Apart from that they are taking rs 500 as registration charge and rs. 1000 as refundable deposit. Modem is free. Can anyone tell me whether there is any other hidden chanrges? They already have router in my apartment. please share ur xperience with hathway in chennai...


i am using 64 Kbps unlimited connection my self..and believe me its not worth it..u have to wait abt a week for a gb to get dwded..a better option would be to get a 256 Kbps night unlimited connection which usually comes for the same rate and by the time u get up in the morning u wud have easily dwded arnd 600-900 mb.:D
thats why i am also shifting to mtnl triband NU


I really get huffed and puffed when I hear ISP's calling 64Kbps - "Broadband" when some of my foreign friends get 1Mbps Unlimited Downloads & Uploads at rates as cheap as Rs.1000/month.

Morover, I used to stuck with IQARA broadband previously which is the worst ISP ever and I warn you "Never Ever buy packages from Iqara. You'll regret it for a lifetime". I mean, they provide what other ISP's provide for 1 month for 1 whole year. See the first page for some schemes. "500 MB/year (Includes Both uploads and downloads) for around Rs.1000". And, their lousy cables can't even bare rains. My Connection never worked for 1 Week after a small spell of rain and I was frustrated to the core. Their so-called Unlimited Broadband runs at 28 & 64kbps speed which they should be ashmed to call broadband. Overall, they are a horrible service and all their words are fake, so I warn you not to try Iqara at all.

Otherwise, I hear Tata Indicom provides very good service and if it is quality you are looking for than, Tat a is the place for you though it is quite cheap. BSNL & Reliance are really good too. Though, their quality does lack a bit, it compensates for it in other facilities. However, BSNL's support is terrible and I guess that comes along with the "Government Tag".

Overall, Sify is the best ISP in India with great rates, packages and cheap prices. Their support is good though some of their unlimited schemes could do with some upliftment. So, if you are planning on getting broadband for your computer, then I certainly recommend Sify.
URL :: http://broadband.sify.com

I have one last thing to say about before I escape. Do you all remember the cell phone revolution in India? I remember quite clearly. My Dad bought his first mobile in the 'summer of 99' and that black & white Nokia instrument with a big protruding antennae costed him about Rs.10000 and the Airtel charges were dead costly meaning he ended up paying 1500/month for speaking quite less. However, now after the entering of BSNL into the market, prices have reduced drastically and incoming calls are 100% free. SMS'es are Dead Cheap. The entering of many Cell Phone Service providers has changed the situation completely. You can buy a color instrument for Rs.3500 (Latest) and get a Prepaid connection at low prices. I know that this is what will happen to the Broadband service in India in another 2-3 years. With more ISP's entering India by day, services are getting cheaper and cheaper and this topic will have a post in 2008 offering 5GB/month for Rs.400 or something like that.

Forgive me for the long post! You probably think I'm raving mad but those were my honest reviews about various ISP's and the broadband service as a whole.

~ Adios


Hey i am also using triband nu it rocks man, but will i get billed if i start the internet before 12am and continue it till 8 am


Santosh Halemani said:
Fellows is it correct that bsnl has cut it's brodband charges by half .i.e, for 250 rupees a month and 256kbps?
It is 100% true. I just read about it in Today Morning's Hindu Newspaper. *Very Happy!*


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Not true at all. Prices never fell by 50% . Its just that they added a paln which gives 256kbps for a d/l limit of 400 Mb which turns out to be costlier than te HOME 500 plan (here they give 1 Gb for 500)...so dont take it from them...thats an eye wash..beware every body
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